Arctic Ease RSVP prize winner:


Before I announce the winner I wanted to say what a great time I had last night at the Twitter party! The hour flew past, I met a ton of new people, our Tribe showed up in full force (I'll say it again: we healthy living bloggers rock) & I got to yammer wax eloquently about a product I truly adore. Sure I eneded up in Twitter JAIL a wee bit before the event wrapped, but you'll have ... Continue Reading

Preview of coming MizFit’tractions


Welcome to 2011. I wanted to take a moment and welcome both of my all of my many new readers. Whether you found me by googling What fitness blogger will Ellen never have on her show? or stumbled here via a search for broken booty---welcome. I'm into myriad things, hang out at a few places, I've shed some pounds, but more than anything focus on being as present as I can & living my life ... Continue Reading