Four ways slacklining parallels my life.

gibbon slackline

I blame this post on the fact I made a not-that-funny joke about teaching our puppy Charming to slackline. Afterward, in my inimitable way, I grew obsessed with the parallels between slacklining and my life. I used to tell people–everyone. anyone who would listen.—what terrible balance I had. If you handed me a BOSU ball [...]

The secret to YOUR 2013 success.

resistance training at home

Welcome to January. The month where the universe attempts to exploit our insecurities by promising it holds the (expensive) key to a healthier, happier and thinner us. Most proffer a quick-fix solution to goal achievement which, while not entirely ethical, actually makes some sense. Who wouldn’t, if given the choice between fast and easy or [...]

Juggling for fitness (video post).

Subtitle: As I mentioned to these guys Ive recommitted to learning to juggle. By the time I turn 41 I shall be amazing! mediocre. I’d love to say this topic choice stemmed wholly from a quirky desire to seek alternative fitness— but that would be a lie. Inspiration came from a much more mundane place. [...]

MizFit’s Monday workout: exercise bands & BOSU balls.


Subtitle: this post is brought to you by the letter B. Im doing the BOSU & working on balance (click here to bellylaugh or click here to learn more). Im using my exercise bands for a full body workout (click here to see precisely what Im doing). Im HEARTING my blue Air Rifts (click here [...]

Gaiam Balanceball Chair: it’s a family affair (giveaway post).


KNOCK KNOCK on my door. A treat plopped outside. A FREEBIE– FTC (that Id never hide!) A Balanceball chair. Goodgosh can it be? A corebuildingTREAT! Less back pain for me! Into it I ripped. would this thing take days? Would instructions confuse? Leave me in a haze? Ren Man jumped in. “Let me help! Look [...]

MizFit & Valerie Bertinelli (giveaway post).


We have previously established that Im a fan of Gaiam products. I loved me the FIRM WAVE. I allowed their Nordic walking poles to convince me Im a walker at heart. As a result when am email from the popped into my in-box I opened it with much excitement. Could they be offering me the [...]

Balance: what’s normal?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Balance: what's normal? - MizFitOnline

Miz, I am a new reader and, while I really enjoy your rhymes, I can’t help but wonder: is there a story here? Am I missing something? This email made me laugh as, not only do I receive many like this (people seemingly perplexed by my penchant for rhyming/thinking that they MUST be missing an [...]

Monday Facetime: Back plank. (video post)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Monday Facetime: Back plank. (video post) - MizFitOnline

Yes, People, I know youve seen a lot of my mug up in herre lately. A full week of videos now capped off with a Monday facetime. But this video is different.  It comes, if you will, from a prideful place. A place where MizFit is totally sticking to her vow to mix it up [...]

A preview of coming BOSUtractions.

subtitle: MizFit shows you precisely how poor her balancing skillz are after Renaissance Man puts her through a workout. (please to note I am simply *happy* to be there as, with the onset of the Tornado, it had been TWO YEARS since we’d worked out together.) Laugh. Mock. Pat yourself on the back for possessing [...]