The blue + sign (guest post).

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This is a guest post by my request.  Ive known Michelle for what feels like a lifetime and, even though our ages arent THAT far apart, I also feel like a surrogate mother.  Or better than that OLDER SISTER.  I adore her and have ADORED watching her bloom over the past few years.   Sitting on a toilet with a pregnancy test. Set the timer on my iPhone for 3 minutes. My, now Husband, in ... Continue Reading

Why I hate fitspiration.

(kinda like this)

Im married to a onetime trademark/copyright attorney.  If I werent featured below would be an example of a FITSPO photo Ive seen for those who may not know to what Im referring.  Alas, Im going the boring definition route which is guaranteed not to get my misfita** sued.   Fitspo---or fitspiration---is a relatively new term used to describe something (typically images) intended to inspire ... Continue Reading

Are bloggers role models?


(My fave non-role model'y tee & boyfriend) It feels like a lifetime ago I sat on this panel** (I blew-off missed BlogHer this year. If you went & blogged about it please link your posts in the comments!). During the session, panel members & the audience chatted about blogs, bloggers, readers & responsibility. I clearly recall being left with the question of what, if any, ... Continue Reading


Whether you are familiar with this term or not---Im pretty confident in saying we're all familiar with the concept. Technically defined self-objectification is defined as when we choose to evaluate ourselves based on appearance because that's how we believe others adjudicate us. (many believe that the media plays a large role in teaching us to do this---but that's a post for a different ... Continue Reading

N(o) S(cale) V(ictory).

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Please to read this post as merely my experiences and thoughts. Im an avowed NON-WEIGHER (I encourage you to take a moment and skim that post if you havent before so you know where Im coming from). It's what works for me. I do "say" that I have a pair of jeans I use as a barometer (they should totally fit without my needing to be UBERactive or ANYkinda"dieting")----but Ive realized ... Continue Reading

Tweeting eating disorders (guest post).

In the U.S., as many as 10 million females and one million males struggle with the devastating effects of anorexia and bulimia.  Another 25 million suffer from binge eating disorder.  According to The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, the incidence of eating disorders has doubled since the 1960s and is increasing in younger age groups—occurring in children as young as seven. Eating ... Continue Reading

Are bloggers role models (giveaway post)?


It's funny. The longer I blog the more I realize, in a way, this blog is a book. Not so much that I yammer in book-length posts (which I do)-----but in that we have our own language. Chickenbus (for those of you who have been around a while). Ren Man. That sort of stuff. It's the same reason why I cant just cut & paste posts for my gig at Yahoo! Shine. In stand alone posts ... Continue Reading

BlogHer Conference…WE GOT OUR SLOT!

Now we need to make sure the room is jam-packed. Consider yourself commanded to be there if you're at the conference. Unable to attend?  Feel free (wink) to tweet the session or post about it on your blog. In my opinion it's as simple as this: If we arent willing to step up & guide the next generation as best we can what hope is there for change? When: Friday July 24th. What ... Continue Reading

You’d be so pretty if…

By means of full disclosure I'm compelled to share Ive known Dara Chadwick, author of the book You'd be so pretty if..., for longer than even she realizes. I followed her year long  journey of self-exploration & weightloss each month in Shape magazine way before I had the pleasure of meeting her in virtual life. As a result, one of my favorite things about the book You'd be so pretty ... Continue Reading