4 tips for teaching little (& big) people body confidence.


The older I become the more I realize life is cyclical. When I was younger I EXPECTED my body to perform on command---and usually it did. These days when my bod complies I stop, take note and appreciate. I *long* to pass this body confidence on to the Tornado and yet---while it's a huge priority---I pretty much fly by the seat pants fancy tights. I strive each day to beat back ... Continue Reading

Words That Heal: Unearthing the Life You Deserve (guest post).

Infectious Smile McGee

Im a tremendous fan of Mara's. She's wise beyond her years.  She lives her life OUT LOUD and entirely authentically.  She's one of those rare women you meet OFFLINE and discover she's even more amazing in person.  This post is at my demand by request.  I think we all need more Medicinal Marzipan in our lives. And yeah. By that I do mean READ HER BOOK.     At one point in my ... Continue Reading

Raising a child (or spousepartnerfriend) who likes to exercise.


I'm the first to acknowledge that, although I'm a mama, I'm still kinda in the early stages of motherhood. The easier stages Id imagine as peer pressure & the junk food availability her independence will bring haven't yet come into play. (Much anyway. This blogger has been *repeatedly* regaled with the story of my returning from Blissdom & learning of her new-found fondness for ... Continue Reading

Body Image: How can we be healthy role models?

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This topic wasnt originally my plan for today's Monday Facetime----but I couldnt get your comments on this post out of my head. I was touched, saddened, heartened, inspired and, honestly, shocked  by the stories you shared. The comment-snippets below sparked the Facetime which follows. Id be honored if you'd make the time to share your thoughts so we can compile an uplifting ... Continue Reading