Hopscotch with me.


I know. I'm gonna stop & gaze lovingly at the photo above as well she types pridefully pretending the whole 'net is shocked how quickly the Tornado is growing, too. The Tornado was four and, more even than the fact I wanna eat her face off she's so little and sweet, the photo symbolizes for me the lost art of exercise as FUN. Necklace in hand. Hair flying. Chortles of joy I ... Continue Reading

How to build muscle and lose weight–without losing your mind.

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 4.52.17 AM

Yes, People. It's here. It's waiting for you. It's in the pile of e-books promising a new! fitter! happier! you! (ok not so much...unless you aspire to be a misfit) Far more pressing, however, a post imploring you to purchase, is my wanting to share *why* I ever joined the e-masses. It took me a while to decide. I love e-books. Im a voracious reader. Im a prolific ... Continue Reading

The secret to YOUR 2013 success.

resistance training at home

Welcome to January. The month where the universe attempts to exploit our insecurities by promising it holds the (expensive) key to a healthier, happier and thinner us. Most proffer a quick-fix solution to goal achievement which, while not entirely ethical, actually makes some sense. Who wouldn’t, if given the choice between fast and easy or arduous and sweaty, pick the former? (thats not ... Continue Reading

Walk with me (NAKANO splash it on/step it up challenge).

I love me some power-walking.

Ahhh People.  Ive yammered at length about how Im just not a runner. Ive done it.  Im not good at it.  I get more of  a runners GOOD BYE than a runners HIGH. Im a lover not a fighter. Im a walker not a runner.  It fits my self-definition:  soft of core, (at times) owied of back & living life in the slow lane. As a result Im all over the 60-Day SPLASH IT ON, STEP IT UP challenge ... Continue Reading

My workouts.


Back on this post a few of you asked for specifics on my 20 minute workout.     It's also a question I get pretty frequently by email.  It seems you wanna know what, exactly, I do for my weights routine, how frequently I lift etc.  You crazy. The thing is, ala the We dont need no STINKIN' HOOK! post, it almost doesn't matter what *I* do. It's taken close to 43 ... Continue Reading

Im LOYAL to my Lebert Equalizer (giveaway)

People, whether we wanna admit it or not, we fitness-types are a fickle fickle bunch. Some of our ficklenessment (technical term) is in the name of cross-training/muscle confusion & some is simply in the name of seeking the next!great!fitness!gadget! I'm as guilty as any of us and have found, all too frequently, that the next great thing is, well, JYZE'y. Promises the world & is ... Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday (*Zensah style*)


(which really means Fewer Word Wednesday...this time with more giveaway) Zensah offered me the opportunity to try their compression running skirt/sports bra. Note the smile. I like'y being compressed. The obligatory butt rear view of the Zensah skirt (and my need for a haircut). I liked running in the skirt, but I think Id LOVE were it a wee bit shorter. It's the PERFECT length ... Continue Reading

Heartrate monitors & reader email backlog.

Disclaimer: Ive sucked lately been remiss in answering reader emails.  Not sure what else to say except you'll have that sometimes... Hi MizFit, I saw you tweet that you dont use a heart rate monitor. what do you do instead? thanks!!! I'm slowly realizing Im just not a fan of gadgets. I weigh once a year at the doctor, dont run with an ipod and I dont use a heart rate ... Continue Reading

I have the NEED for (Vibram Five Fingers) SPEED.

2010-07-31 09.40.50

Because G-d forbid Ren Man & I dont roll as TWINSIES. Oh People. I sit here gazing alternately at the whitewhite expanse of my unwritten post, back down at my pink toe-sneaker clad feet and I'm stuck. Ive got nothin' You know that place where you're so wholly, utterly, completely in LOVE you can think of nothing else & wanna do nothing else but chill with yer beloved (that's a ... Continue Reading

The use of foam rollers in running (guest post).

Many thanks to Heather for responding to my pleas for a post on foam rollers. This might sound over-the-top, but the foam roller is probably the single most influential piece of exercise equipment I have used so far (though my Vibram Five Fingers are challenging that position). Essentially, the foam roller is a personal massage agent. If you use it well, it incurs that “Ouch!  That hurts!  ... Continue Reading