The Powerhouse Is For More Than Just Pilates (guest post)


  The Pilates Powerhouse, a crazy name that Joe Pilates used to describe the major muscles of the trunk, is used throughout all of Pilates practice. It’s referenced in Pilates history, certification materials, and instructor cuing, but when fully explained and demystified you can see that the powerhouse can be used in any workout. The powerhouse is the central point from where all ... Continue Reading

To the core.

You plank. You #PlankADay. You tweet how many minutes you hold a basic plank. But I'm assuming you also progress your plank? ... say what? And of course, you bridge, right? ---crickets. While the current trend of planking is wonderful, it's only the beginning. There is SO MUCH MORE you can and should do with this exercise - and it's Siamese twin the bridge. The idea of holding a ... Continue Reading

Sketchers Shape-ups (review & giveaway post)


Ahh the child of a blogger. Completely blase when UPS bangs on the door. Before I get to the review portion of this post I wish to drag you down memory lane a bit. Just a short quarter mile or so while I yammer about my Sketcher love from back in the DAY. Ive been a semi-longterm fitness fanatic, but Ive been a life-long misfit. Sketchers were the first brand I discovered that met my athletic ... Continue Reading

Mommy & Me bellydancing.

2010-11-20 13.59.28

Once upon a time there was a misfit mama who was looking for a fun & different PLAYout to do with her girl. The aforementioned Tornado of a Girl had a babysitter who was a belly dancer & she found the whole concept (& name) gigglyamusing. Many were the afternoons spent with her tee shirt yanked up through the neck--belly exposed--and dancing. (Note: her mama was far too ... Continue Reading

Im LOYAL to my Lebert Equalizer (giveaway)

People, whether we wanna admit it or not, we fitness-types are a fickle fickle bunch. Some of our ficklenessment (technical term) is in the name of cross-training/muscle confusion & some is simply in the name of seeking the next!great!fitness!gadget! I'm as guilty as any of us and have found, all too frequently, that the next great thing is, well, JYZE'y. Promises the world & is ... Continue Reading

Personal Training with Jackie Warner (video/giveaway).


httpv:// As I have rhymingly yammered above---I love me some Jackie Warner. Yes, I agree that her tv show kinda plummeted in the final season (Im more about the dumbbells than the drama) but I adored how she truly cared about & unflaggingly encouraged/supported her clients. Her style reminded me so much of how I trained people when I owned my studio ... Continue Reading

Gaiam Balanceball Chair: it’s a family affair (giveaway post).


KNOCK KNOCK on my door. A treat plopped outside. A FREEBIE-- FTC (that Id never hide!) A Balanceball chair. Goodgosh can it be? A corebuildingTREAT! Less back pain for me! Into it I ripped. would this thing take days? Would instructions confuse? Leave me in a haze? Ren Man jumped in. "Let me help! Look at me! Im inflating the ball! Thus far all's E-Z!" Seeing the ... Continue Reading

Tuesday facetime:your questions (video post).

Ok Miz, I need your help!! I love to run and I teach kickboxing but for some reason I hate doing weights. Now that summer is around the corner, and always I really want to tone up my arms and tummy. What would you recommend I do on a weekly basis to hit those areas? httpv:// Tricep exercise I mention. Monkey bar pullups I mention. Basic bicep ... Continue Reading

FIRM WAVE & Crosstraining.

We've discussed ad nauseum how Miz is in desperate need of the crosstrainage. I've surpassed being in a workout rut, People. The rut Ive dug for myself is so deep Ive simply plopped down roots and deemed it my new home. And, for the most part, I'm pretty ok with that. I work, I MizFit, I BabyMama, & (I hope) roll as a pretty decent wife/daughter/sister/friend on top of it ... Continue Reading

Monday Facetime: Back plank. (video post)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Monday Facetime: Back plank. (video post) - MizFitOnline

Yes, People, I know youve seen a lot of my mug up in herre lately. A full week of videos now capped off with a Monday facetime. But this video is different.  It comes, if you will, from a prideful place. A place where MizFit is totally sticking to her vow to mix it up & bust outta that plateau precisely as we discussed last week. Please to insert loud shouts & cheers (and ... Continue Reading