It’s VEGAS, Baby! (video)


As I mentioned so subtly here Ive decided to run another half-marathon. This proclamation was made much to the shock of Ren Man and, quite frankly, to myself as well. The thing is I wanna give this whole race experience another try. The Disney Princess half marathon was my first race ever and, on top [...]

Women’s Day Magazine & bodybuilding.


I was recently interviewed about running by Women’s Day radio & the bodybuilding post below is something Ive yammered about for a while. It’s new & old Monday up in herre I guess. Radio? NEW. Too long post below? MizFit in general? NotSoMuch. Please to enjoy… Body by my design What would motivate a 32-year-old [...]

What I learned during my first half marathon.


Subtitle: All in bullets as that’s how my brain is working right now. Maria, Lisa & me after the race. Three tired princesses. *There is 100 % a fineline between stress & excitement. We don’t call it stresscitement around herre for nothing.  On the plane I was excited. I was terrified. I fantasized about half-marathon running [...]

I’m off and…


traveling. Have a great Friday & I’ll be checking in (*gasp*) from DISNEY! As you all kindly clarified for me last week ANYONE can read my tweet/see the pics & video in my stream simply by clicking HERE. Ive still nary a clue what my Disney Media Mixer duties entail but if you will be [...]

One final half-marathon training tip:


It never hurts to drag complete & total strangers into your CHEERINGcorner. They may get a smile out of it and you definitely will. Im heading to Florida tomorrow, People. I cant believe it…

Old news…


if you follow me on Twitter, but I did a long run yesterday and MAN.AM.I.PROUD. This whole endeavor has been an experience in trying to shed my Im NOT a runner! mentality & yesterday was no different. Life conspired against me and, as a result, I was treadmill-relegated for my ten miler. (I wont lie [...]

Blissdom conference & preview of coming MizFit’tractions.


Ahhhhh. It’s Friday. And Im thankful. Even though my job pretty much continues through the weekend (who knew mamahood didnt get weekends off?  Next time I shall read the fine-print) I adore Fridays, Shabbat, unplugging a bit & just hanging with the family. It’s been a rough & lack of sleep few weeks around here [...]