HaPpY BiRtHdAy Dr. SeUsS!!

dr. seuss tattoos

 yep.  we own a plethora of inflatable Seuss hats. I rarely post on a weekend, but could not pass up the chance to—again—celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite tattoos men. His art.  His rhymes.  His secret art?  Love. Love. Gots-all-over-my-leg love. He’s made me think (political messaging much?). He’s made me giggle (& [...]

Blends. Blogger friends. Whatever you call them…


Once upon a time there was a blogger lady whom I knew—but not too too well. I liked her writing.  I wished I possessed her knitting skills.  I COVETED HER CRANIUM (she.one.smart.protein-cookie.) And then my birthday arrived.  And then said blogger lady emailed me a you tube link. A link to her sharing a familial [...]

Six things Dr. Seuss taught me about fitness.

2010-10-22 08.20.11

Ahh People. Im nothing if not filled with the self-care. I appreciate how many of you who missed Monday’s show asked precisely how I related Seuss & fitness so please to enjoy my notes (the show clip is here). A non-post if you will which, I hope, makes the slightest of Seussian-sense. If not–you know [...]

Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge (video post).

Video thumbnail for youtube video Earth Footwear 30 Day Challenge (video post). - MizFitOnline

Please to enjoy the video below. Id beg your forgiveness for the fact that it’s thisclose to being too long, but since Im answering your questions you’ve no one to blame but yourselves. In the clip I address the pressing queries of: How comfy are the Earth Footwear Exer-Walk shoes? May we get a close-up [...]

The Great Tattoo Tweeting of 2009.

Subtitle: Have I seriously been yammering about this since JANUARY? Good GOSH you must be ready for the needle to be put to skin. For those of you who have been playing along at home this Sunday is finally the day. After months & months and MONTHS spent langishing on my artist’s waiting list this [...]