Play: Why Your Kids’ Mental Health Needs it (guest post).


Want a daily dose of good health for your kids? Send them outside to play! As child and youth psychiatrist, every day I treat young people with stress, low motivation, anxiety, and depression. One prescription for all my patients (kids and parents) is to go play in the great outdoors. For humans and animals, free-play is directly linked to the development of the brain’s prefrontal ... Continue Reading

4 tips for keeping up with an *active* child (or friend or life-partner).


Oh Miz.  I get tired reading about how you play with the Tornado. This makes me terrified to have kids because it looks exhausting!!!  I need motherhood tips now LOL   Im not a super young mother. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing – it just is. Because of this, however, I’m confident I spend more time thinking about how I can keep up with my seven-year-old's boundless ... Continue Reading

Viewer Mail: Green Tea & Booty Shorts edition (giveaway post).

Video thumbnail for youtube video Viewer Mail: Green Tea & Booty Shorts edition (giveaway post). - MizFitOnline

Hi Miz, I am just starting to think about switching my coffee for green tea. Do you drink green tea? What are your thoughts on it?  How might giving up my Starbucks coffee benefit anything other than my wallet? :) Thanks! Ahhh, my morning cup of coffee. Im not ashamed to say, while I bound out of bed at the asscrack of dawn, I probably *wouldnt* if I didnt know a hot cup of coffee waited for ... Continue Reading