How many hours a day do you workout?


(if I'm running something BAD is behind me!) Last week I helped with Family Health & Fitness Night at the Child's school. It was a fun way to find out about elementary school PA (I've learned the hard way NOT to refer to it as PE. I guess it's no longer EDUCATION but activity?). It was also another experience of moms asking me: "How many hours a day do you workout?" Hours. Yep. No ... Continue Reading

Add a little love to your exercise routine (guest post)

Family fitness!

  Long determined slogs on the treadmill . . . the stalwart morning warrior up before anyone else . . . is there something wrong with this picture? You bet! Nothing fits better with fitness than family. While sometimes a solitary swim or solo hike soothes the soul, fitness was made to be shared. Since my oldest was in utero, my husband and I have made fitness an integral part of our ... Continue Reading

It’s BADMINTON time, Baby!


I yammered lovingly on Monday about how I adore our morning routine. Active play is a huge part of what I love about our trio & since we're all morning people we tend to git our PLAYouts on before school rather than after. Additionally, asolutely nothing sets me up for a better day than belly-laughing at how flipping uncoordinated I am some movement as a family.Some of our PLAYouts are ... Continue Reading