Our bookstore workout.

why ARE we here?!

No school for the child. Just did a BIG  move. This misfits *refusing* To lose her fit-GROOVE. No time for the GYM to get to and TRAIN. Im hitting up N.E.A.T. Again and again. Unpacking boxes. UNWRAPPING our stuff. Fitness is there. but it’s awkward & rough. PLAYouts abound! Workouts at the desk. “TO THE [...]

7 ways to get better results in *less* time (guest post)

I know. You’re busy, stressed out, got kids and a husband to take care of, and a job on top of that. You don’t have much time for fitness, but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise your results. Here are 7 ways to get better results in less time. 1. Use Multi-Joint [...]