Planning our year: the specifics post.

Yes, People, we are getting all kinds of serious up in herre today. I decided to map out my year and, as long-term readers are aware, I always like to drag you along for the ride.  This post is way too freakin long. Read now.  Print for later.  Bookmark.  Whatever you choose---just join me. Welcome to February. The month in which most of us realize our New Year’s resolutions have fallen by ... Continue Reading

Flash forward…it’s 2012!


OK. You know better than to expect from this misfit a Six ways to lose weight in 2011 kind of post--right? Im a loner, Dottie. A rebel. (Please to raise your hand if you knew immediately the movie to which Im referring.) Today is the day we---the royal, nameless, faceless media we--- are meant to exploit the vast insecurity & motivation on the 'net, blog something chock full ... Continue Reading

Im *supposed* to be running with Jared (giveaway).


(Why yes, that IS both my chagrin-face & what Id have worn to run with Jared.) Oh people. It's much to my chagrin that Im writing this post from the ATX. Sure I love me some Austin. Yes I adore me some being with the family time. But between the (royal) two of us Im pretty damn disappointed to find myself here on this Monday. Why you ask? (thanks. you always seem to know just ... Continue Reading

fitlosophyze your goals (guest post)

oy. deer in headlights. that’s me trying to write a guest post for mizfit. this coming from the girl who is never at a loss for words and whose dear blog followers happily scroll down through pages upon pages of my random ramblings on blogging my fitlosophy. why, I ask myself, can I pitter patter away at the keyboard like a madwoman and turn out a fairly inspiring and often amusing (in my ... Continue Reading

It’s VEGAS, Baby! (video)


As I mentioned so subtly here Ive decided to run another half-marathon. This proclamation was made much to the shock of Ren Man and, quite frankly, to myself as well. The thing is I wanna give this whole race experience another try. The Disney Princess half marathon was my first race ever and, on top of that, I received the invitation with only about five weeks to train. (There was no ... Continue Reading

Raising a child (or spousepartnerfriend) who likes to exercise.


I'm the first to acknowledge that, although I'm a mama, I'm still kinda in the early stages of motherhood. The easier stages Id imagine as peer pressure & the junk food availability her independence will bring haven't yet come into play. (Much anyway. This blogger has been *repeatedly* regaled with the story of my returning from Blissdom & learning of her new-found fondness for ... Continue Reading

MizFit & the thriv performance top.


Hey FTC. The top was free. My opinion & muzings filled with HONESTY. Ok, People, I realize it has seemingly been all about the running up in herre lately but thats about to draw to a close this weekend (*cue confetti shaped like MizFit having a panic attack*). In addition, as I have yammered about time & time again, this whole half-marathon shebang is more about goal setting & ... Continue Reading

10 minutes 10 months 10 years (video/giveaway post).

Video thumbnail for youtube video 10 minutes 10 months 10 years (video/giveaway post). - MizFitOnline

httpv:// Yes, People, today you have the fantastimazing opportunity to win a black VADO HD video camera. (Id be lying if I didnt say I love the fact this giveaway entirely fell in my lap & there's nary an FTC shoutout to be made.  I can merely spread the good karma & give it away. HOORAY!) How might you enter to win? It’s simple: Lay your ... Continue Reading

It’s time (Orient watch giveaway).


This is the first post in a week long seriously People what am I doing with my life celebration of MizFit turning two. People, I wont lie to you. I started this post a million times. It rhymed. It was a pre-pre-Disney Princess Half Marathon ode (that one I actually kinda liked—-but decided to save). It was a yammer about how MizFitOnline turning TWO sparked some reflection & ... Continue Reading

2010 in one word (giveaway post).


As I've yammered about around here myriad times before Im not a resolution maker. I tend to choose a word or phrase which I want to define my next 365 days & simply live each day with that as a backdrop. This year's word, not surprisingly, is RUN.  The surprising piece, however, is the reason why. You see, in much of my life I tend to be very Type B is there even a Type B? For sake of ... Continue Reading