Blogger cliques.


Our Tribe at Fitbloggin' 10. There's been lots of chatter as of late about bloggers, clique'ynessment (technical term) & the integration of newbie bloggers into the proverbial fold. (translation: I had an entirely different post planned for today, caught a glimpse of my navel, & decided to keep on gazing.  I apologize in advance for the length.) Lest anyone think Im singling her ... Continue Reading

Thoughts from Fitbloggin10.


(Kinda late, way too long & all in bullets because that's the way I feel like rollin') This was indeed my reaction to being at Fitbloggin. I adored meeting my peeps. Our community rocks. I'm woman enough to admit I was terrified a little apprehensive about my trips to BlogHer & Blissdom. The former I feared due to its size & the latter because I knew one woman attending (out ... Continue Reading