How to build muscle and lose weight–without losing your mind.

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Yes, People. It’s here. It’s waiting for you. It’s in the pile of e-books promising a new! fitter! happier! you! (ok not so much…unless you aspire to be a misfit) Far more pressing, however, a post imploring you to purchase, is my wanting to share *why* I ever joined the e-masses. It took me a [...]

Watching what our BRAINS eat.

it's not all steinbeck or dickens around here...

The past year Ive grown obsessed with what my family consumes. Like super-obsessed. And, unlike many who’re focused on the SUGARS this time of year—Im preoccupied with what our brains are consuming.   This focus was sparked during the Super Bowl when the Tornado was “assigned” to watch the half-time show by her music teacher. [...]

It’s like SANTA for your VAG!


Right now Im imagining 29% of you wondering what the heck Im talking about, 70% of you laughing & immediately knowing to what I refer, and 1% of you NOT opening the post after spying VAG in its title. For the twenty-nine percent of you who have a life/spend time OFFLINE here’s to what Im [...]

Fitness mission statements.


I believe in the power of intention. I look to my vision board as a source of motivation and inspiration.  (I also turn to my gratitude board as a reminder of what Im thankful for). I have a personal mission statement. Ive created a blog mission statement. Im working on a spiritual mission statement. We [...]

If mama aint healthy–aint nobody healthy.


  The longer I’m a parent the more clearly I see the correlation between how I am living and how my family is thriving. Or not thriving. The longer the moniker MAMA is attached to me the more clear the meaning behind the (tweaked) quote: if mama aint healthy aint nobody healthy becomes. Im a [...]

Build a Relationship that Matters…With your Food! (guest post)

Hello fellow MizFit readers! Thanks for letting me take over the MizFitturf today. My name is Talia and I blog at Bite Size Wellness…the homeland to healthy living in a cinch. I wanted to chat about an ignored topic: your food relationship. If you were going to post a status update stating what your relationship [...]

Happy anniversary! We’re both 20(ish)!


When I reflect back on starting down my healthy living path it amazes me how much things have changed over (almost) twenty years. When I reflect back on starting down my healthy living path it’s astonishing to me how little existed at that time to help us women begin & maintain healthy lifestyles. I remember [...]

Six fitness lessons Ive learned from my child.

whats in my REAR VIEW mirror...

Last week was heaven. Five full Tornado & Me days which were reminiscent of all our time before Kinder started. We laughed, we cried (seriously. all that one-on-one time was NOT without its bickering!) it was better than Cats. What I loved most was the fact we didn’t travel. We hung here & just spent [...]

Six things Dr. Seuss taught me about fitness.

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Ahh People. Im nothing if not filled with the self-care. I appreciate how many of you who missed Monday’s show asked precisely how I related Seuss & fitness so please to enjoy my notes (the show clip is here). A non-post if you will which, I hope, makes the slightest of Seussian-sense. If not–you know [...]