Take what you need: RAOK (the child’s guest post).


It was recently Random Acts of Kindness week at the Child's elementary school. These little gestures are things we've done together since she was tiny. The thing is we've never referred to them as as such. Mitzvahs. Paying our rent. These are the terms we've typically used. As a result, when the child was informed it was R.A.O.K. week, she was ... Continue Reading

Im going to DISNEY WORLD!


(The Tornado may or may not have a career as a photographer. I promise Im not this blurry in real life.) As of last Friday it's official: Im heading to Disney World to run the Princess Half-Marathon as a member of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Media Mixer. They've offered me the opportunity to travel to Florida, stay for a couple of fabulous nights at the Polynesian Resort, ... Continue Reading