#wycwyc is not about excuses.

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The other day I skipped out on life and had coffee instead. I sat. I didn’t fit in fitness. I mindfully chose to have a saltier, crappier (technical term) snack I’d thought the morning would bring. And, because I am who I am, I scrawled this on my cup. A reminder to me: My taking […]

New Two Fit Chicks & a Microphone podcast!


Yes, People, it’s that time again! And, once again, Im compelled to add that if YOU enjoy it even slightly as much as *we* enjoyed recording it then we’ve been successful. Episode Nine’s topic? Food Glorious Food. Episode Nine’s special fantiztastic guest? Kathryn Elliott Click on the image below to download this and/or Episodes 1-8. […]

2Fit Chicks podcast: 2009 round-up.


First, I want to take a moment and say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has listened to Two Fit Chicks this year. (With a special shout out to this guy for providing us the name.) Shauna & I have had so much fun creating the shows and are entirely honored you would take […]

Two Fit Chicks & A Microphone podcast: Goal setting.

Yes, People. There’s a new episode of Two Fit Chicks which you can listen to/download here. It’s all about Goals Goals Goals & I can only hope you have half as much fun listening to it as DG & I had making it. (If youre wondering if you should be envious of the fact I […]

It’s podcast time!

Please to enjoy the podcast stylings of DietGirl & MizFit. We talk NAME REVEAL, running & share some Blogger News we collected along the proverbial blog-reading way. (translation: you never know—you mightcould be shouted out during our rambles quite tightly organized speaking.) AND (waitforit) we are now officially on itunes! So, should you want, once […]