Random weekend Progresso soup giveaway.


Yes, People, this post is about the soup & the needing of warm foodstuffs in the wintertime (it's been frickin freezing in Texas lately. What's the deal with THAT?)---BUT it is also about a competition Progresso is having where you can enter to win a makeover trip to New York City. (I want to win this, oh faithful readers. I joke, but the top of my head hasnt seen the inside of a hair salon ... Continue Reading

Summertime Kids-at-Home Workouts.


Subtitle: Yeah, at first I thought these people were messing with me via email as we'd just done a podcast on this very subject! Hiya Miz, I need help. You talked last week about Living Not Blogging and I was jealous. You work in your playouts :) even with your Tornado around and I've become derailed and the summer has just started. How on earth can I fit in fitness in a hectic summer ... Continue Reading


To know me at all is to know that I oft lament the fact that I don't crosstrain. (seriously. please to note there's no "often enough" anywhere in that sentence. mamahood hath plunged me into a workout routine RUT & Im choosing, for now, to roll with it.) I own the fact that it's just not a priority and, really, very few workout classes/concepts make it seem worth my ... Continue Reading