The importance of mattering.


This is my favorite photo of my friend, Sue. Captured mid-laugh, unaware photo was taken, doing the double hand grab. (Ive absolutely no idea why I'm wearing that expression.) The you matter to me. I'm present with you. double hand grab is a perfect metaphor for Sue's life. The first time we met I was newly a Texan, completely friend-free and trying to find where I fit in the land of BBQ ... Continue Reading


mizfit workout skirt

Miz, I want to buy a skirt and give it away anonymously.  On your blog.  It's the notion of paying a favor not back, but forward.  I do this monthly as it supports my spirituality/who I am and watching the momentum it sparks is amazing.  I believe in your MizFit angel network. I received this email the day I announced my Miz skirts were for sale (links added by me). My initial reaction was to ... Continue Reading

The mail today took my breath away.


Im not a mid-day blogger. I do that thing where you have your posts set to publish the same time each day so readers grow to expect it. This didnt happen due to a 75-prong targeted branding plan----it all happened by accident---but once it started I figured Id leave it that way. 3am central my posts all go live. Except the ones which dont. It's days like today when I realize more ... Continue Reading


Sue with the family she TREASURED.

  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. My friend Sue passed away from ovarian cancer 3 months post-diagnosis. I could blather at you about what an amazing person she was, but quite frankly even if I went that blather'y route Im confident I'd forget a facet of the amazingness which made her *HER.* She was one of those people who *really* listened and you always left her ... Continue Reading