Disrespecting the day.

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I wake up happy. My coffee is ready and waiting.  I'm guaranteed a slice of silence before the Child & her canine companion awake. There is, for me, tremendous promise in the dawn of a new day. I have no idea what's to come and it could be fantastical, fabulous and greatly unexpected. In that sense I'm a true optimist.  I greet each gift of 24 hours with an overwhelming sense of ... Continue Reading

What is HOPE?

if ONLY it came in a stick!

  The child and I have been chatting lately about the notion of HOPE. It began when the entire idea of MOVING arose (what do you HOPE your new school will be like?) and has grown from there now that we've relocated (What are your HOPES for our life in Oakland?). These conversations have sparked me to re-examine my definition of the word and how I apply it to my life. Ive made ... Continue Reading

Raising a child (or spousepartnerfriend) who likes to exercise.


I'm the first to acknowledge that, although I'm a mama, I'm still kinda in the early stages of motherhood. The easier stages Id imagine as peer pressure & the junk food availability her independence will bring haven't yet come into play. (Much anyway. This blogger has been *repeatedly* regaled with the story of my returning from Blissdom & learning of her new-found fondness for ... Continue Reading

Optimism? Pessimism? What’s Yer ‘Mism? (video/giveaway post).


Thanks so much for all your comments on Friday. I had a fantastic family-filled birthday Saturday (one which started with a kind tribute-post that had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD). This comment from Friday's post stuck in my mind throughout the weekend: Sounds as though you have already chosen to view your life through the prism of gratitude and happiness. I do think that's true. I adore my ... Continue Reading