Monkey bar Monday.

    I cant remember where it came from (perhaps the movie City Slickers?), but somehow the child & I have made a running joke out of the notion of losing our smiles. One of us announces she's lost her smile (meaning she feels less than happy) and the other offers a smile to try on. Invariably the grin doesnt fit (lopsided, too big, too small, too grimace' get the ... Continue Reading

First Person Friday: Im my own superhero.


Subtitle: May we, for today, pretend the above photo is kickASS, high rez & one can entirely read what it says on the tank? Thx. Id make the excuse this is a scattered random post because my parents are here visiting---but it's mainly because it's how my mind is working right now. First: The Great Tattoo Reveal went pretty ok last weekend. Out of respect (because, while I jest, that's ... Continue Reading