Im at FITBLOGGIN. Im in love.

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The below is a repost.  Im living not blogging today.  And Im surrounded by love.  Myriad types of social media love. We’ve chatted about how EXHAUSTING and depleting social media can be. We text, email, phone-chat, face book discuss and tweet about how it is simply impossible to have it all and how we’re all […]

Social Media ANXIETY!


Please to enjoy another AT-REQUEST guest post. I read this on Cynthia’s blog. Adored it. And asked to reprint it here. I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was a teenager.  Debilitating panic attacks were common until I was 20 years old.  With the help of a wonderful counselor and psychiatrist I learned new coping skills […]

ShePosts and Dr Fitness & the Fat Guy.

Come hang out with me? First I’m chillin’ with Dr Fitness & the Fat Guy. Two men who made the horrible *on air* mistake of suggesting I come and visit them as an in-studio guest. Alas, they had nary a clue how much I adore Atlanta & how frequently I choose not to notice when people are […]

Fitbloggin role call!


(Look at me! I’m both immature and a horrible photog. My skillz know no bounds.) This friday morning (serious morning. 5am morning.) Im heading to Fitbloggin! While there Ill be running a 5k, speaking about Blogs & Body Image, chatting about the Power of Social Media in Goal Achievement, & sharing some wizdom via MizFit’s […]