Mind over Numbers for Weight Loss (guest post)

Calories In < Calories Out = Weight loss.  The formula seems simple enough and so for anyone who has undertaken a weight loss journey it starts here. We are ready to finally take control of our food habits. I was no different and spent years tallying every morsel and tracking the number on the scale [...]

Viewer Mail. The College edition.

MizFit, I find your site entertaining, real, and informative. I’m a 21 year old college student and I’m pretty sure most of your demographic is older. However, I find that your site is value and applicable to me. But college is a whole different ballgame as some would say. Constant eating, constant drinking. Activity isn’t [...]

Viewer Mail.

Dear MizFit, I am embarrassed to admit that I allow a silly display on a SCALE to dictate **how** I feel about myself on any given day. Nonetheless, I must ask for fact vs fiction regarding THE WEIGH-IN NUMBER on a scale: 1) Is it beneficial to weigh every day or just once a week? [...]