NIA: neuromuscular whatwhat?


This blogger's recent comment both brought me back to an article Id written with which I shall  now proceed to bore you and reminded me how much I'd enjoyed the FREEDOM of NIA. I love the idea of “restful movement.” Speaking of which, has MizFit ever done NIA? it’s not exactly restful but it is also not taxing in the way I think of workouts. NIA translates loosely from the Swahili ... Continue Reading

National Women’s Checkup Day & The Great Tattoo Reveal (video post).

Whether you decided to join in the Woman Challenge or not----TODAY is a very important day. Today, May 11, is National Women's Check-up Day. It's the day to set aside all of our irrational fears ("what if there's something wrong? I'd rather not know!" "what if my doctor looks at me and thinks: Good G-d has she *gained* weight since last visit?") and love ourselves enough to take care of the ... Continue Reading

Monday Facetime: Stiff legged WHATwhats?!

Im not usually one to tease or promote upcoming freebies. I figure if you happen by on the day we have one--GREAT. And if you miss it? There's another one right around the corner. That said, tomorrow's freebie is a special one to me. Not only is it generous (and one for which Im grateful (oooh foreshadowing!)) but it's something I put on about two years ago & havent taken off since. If ... Continue Reading