Adoption messages.

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May 2006. For the first few years of this blog (back in the MizFit days when the tagline was …at the CORE we’re all the same.) I never mentioned the Tornado’s adoption. A smattering of readers came with me from my previous Guatemama blog. More than  few readers (Id imagine? no one ever said anything) […]

Walking a half-marathon (guest post).


I have run over a dozen half marathons in the last 5 years. I’ve written about a lot of them in my blog,  Running For My Life, and annoyed my friends with the constant tales from my training and from the races themselves. I’ve encouraged many to become runners and by others been told that […]

Does this go in my container?


ATX to OAK and BACK AGAIN? Two years ago I ransacked our house and decluttered. Top to bottom. Broken Barbies were smuggled out in the dark of night (hell hath no fury like a seven year old whose fractured toys are tossed away). Kitchen gadgets Id “hoped” to learn to use, but which were still […]



Disclaimer: I find it unlikely I coined this term for stance-switching, but when I google searched I fell down the rabbit guinea-pig hole reading how the term is used to describe the g-pig’s social (?) behavior. I found no reference to my aching back solution. My back is KILLING ME. It has been for 18 […]

Don’t push yourself! (guest post)

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Push past your limits. Don’t quit. You can do more than you think you can. When you want to stop, that’s when you work harder. Keep going no matter what. Do more than you did yesterday. Pretty common mantras floating around the fitness world, eh? You can’t go on Pinterest, browse through Instagram, or follow […]



I shall let you in on my dirty little secret. A secret which becomes pretty readily apparent if you spend any time with me on ANY athletic endeavor. I’m completely, wholly and utterly uncoordinated. There’s a reason I LOVE THE IRON as there’s never a ball or birdie or ANYTHING flying at my face & […]

Great TEXTpectations.


I grew up during the heyday of note passing. I passed notes to friends when bored in class (what should we wear tomorrow? wanna match??). I passed notes to boys I liked (this was how I learned the timeless lesson now provided by platforms like SNAPCHAT *all* things are permanent and can be shared.  behave […]

There’s NOTHING wrong with FITSPO! (counterpoint guest post)


Thanks so much to David for making the time to share his differing viewpoint. While I still firmly believe FITSPO is harmful to our girls—I will concede to almostkindasorta being swayed to his perspective. When I first read Carla’s two headlines about how she hates fitspo, I couldn’t think of a reason why. I don’t […]

Shedding good habits.

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This originally started as a blog post all about the health benefits of raking leaves. When the idea came to me I grew overly filled with zeal as, back in the ATX, I had no such leaf raking opportunities. It had been 20+ years  since I’d last scraped up the fall stuffs (LONG before I […]

How do you make introductions?


Meet my friend, T. She makes others feel EMPOWERED. Back in 2001, after only a few weeks living in Austin, I was invited to join a women’s group. I wasn’t aware when I agreed to join how phenomenally successful & smart the women were—–I was just glad to be included and eager to make friends […]