The No Excuses! t-shirt exercise.


 It’s tee-shirt time.  Again.  I’ve got an eight year old sidekick who’d *love* to SHARPIE-up a tee and a college BFF who’s nothing if not honest.  Today’s my day.  Is today YOUR day? Ok, People. I’m passionate enough about this exercise I’m willing to put my *misfit heart* on the line & admit I really [...]

Getting (Eggland’s) FRESH with the Husband.


I am the Eggland’s Best EGG’vangelist and the below is a sponsored post.  The fact I’ve stolen the Child, run away to NYC & left the Husband to food-fend for himself is all my own.   Dear Husband, At this point I’m hoping you’ve noticed the Tornado and I are gone. Not to worry.  We [...]

Start spreading the news…


She’s leaving today! And she knows now. Broadway. Work for mama. Broadway. Back. And, being the misfit I am, I’m not here to seek guest posts (I do love me some real-time, real-life blogging)—but purveyors of F.W.B. and lottsa distractions to bother the husband while we’re away. Any takers? Any NYC-with an eight year old [...]

When is it ok to lie to your child?


Once upon a time, Mulan married Ken. Since we’ve moved the Husband’s work-hours have been long. Unpredictably long, mixed with travel, yet I don’t mind. There’s nothing we can do to change the situation, so I’ve shifted my perspective and discovered a glittery, silver lining. These stretches of solo parenting are a gift of time. [...]

Don’t compare you to…YOU.


These musings are an outgrowth of the comment above. Sort of. These musings are an outgrow of posts such as this one by a DoodleLovingBloggerIAdore and a BAD*SS squatter I admire. Kind of. These musings are an outgrowth of how I lead my life and something I recommitted to a few years ago. Completely. I’m [...]

Put your OWN mask on first (guest post).


Please welcome Heat.  She’s inspiring.  She’s wise.  She’s a Self-Care Superhero…and she didn’t even know it.   Three times in the past 12 hours, I have read this: First put on your oxygen mask. Then help others. The first time, it was directed at me (and was well-warranted). The second time, it was in a [...]

Reflections on my first 5k (Tornado guest post).


We’ve chatted about whether it’s OK to blog about our kids.  I asked the Child if I could blog our 5k.  She flatly informed me she was putting it on *her* as-of-yet-unnamed blog ( or  She agreed to an interview until her site is up.  Good crap I love this child.   Let’s start [...]

Travels with Charming: equine-style.


The post below is sponsored by KURGO.  The fact I cannot stop myself from handing the reigns over to Charming *and* my LOVE of their stuffs is all my own.   When last we spoke I was getting used to my new harness.  I cant lie–please don’t tell my owner roommate–I love my harness.  I feel [...]

Aging without fear.


A few weeks ago I shared the picture above on Facebook. It was sunny.  Charming was happy.  It was sunny.  I was happy.  It was sunny (did I mention that?). I felt content.  And, in a way I can’t capture in words, I felt like myself. I’ve experienced this so rarely lately I shoved my [...]

It’s the “Be” in Brazen that Scares Me (guest post).

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 5.18.39 AM

  I’ve been thinking about what it means to be brazen since Carla’s original post and call to action to live brazenly alongside her. Why do so many of us – as was seen in the comments – think of brazen as bad? To live boldly and without shame? To work in a way that’s [...]