Meet my friend Melvin.

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I smile each time I walk past this sign. The husband shared recently how much he’s seen me change since we moved to Oakland. “In the 21 years Ive known you (!) the only other time Ive seen you change so noticeably is when you moved to Guatemala.  You left Texas as Carla, took on [...]

The way you do 1 thing is the way you do EVERYthing.


do you give to YOURSELF what you offer others? I like to be on the cutting edge of everything. I like to be the first to know.  An “early adopter.” Always always the first on trend.  Unless I’m the last. Rereading the above it sounds as though I’m being hyperbolic—I’m not. While it’s entirely unplanned, [...]

Leslie Sansone’s tips for walking a half-marathon.

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I love me some Leslie.  Hey there fitness fans! I heard Carla was looking for some help prepping for her January half marathon so I thought I’d offer some tips. Thirteen miles is definitely a challenge so you’ll want to work up to this distance at least three months in advance — making NOW the [...]

The lies we tell ourselves: part one.


Oakland.  I had no idea Id love ye. The below is a flashback! post. The below is not out of laziness—it’s the first part in a 2 part series.  This piece was written right before our move to Oakland.   Ive thought a lot recently about the lies we tell ourselves and the various ways [...]

Teaching GRIT.


I’ve yammered endlessly about my approach to parenting. Practice what you long to preach. I’ve harnessed its power for fitness, mindful eating, doing unto others, the importance of friendship etc. I spare the child (most of) the lectures, choose to lead by silent example and hope it works. Which bring, again, to our friend in [...]

My touchstone.

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I’m over at our #wycwyc blog today talking about touchstones and rambling about rings. Join me?

Tricep dips in a wheelchair.

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If you’re squinting at the photo above and uncertain what it’s supposed to capture—then you’re precisely as I was. The Child and I were walking around Oakland, enjoying one of her last days of summer, when she grabbed my hand and shouted: WOW, Mama.  Look!!! He’s super strong! Here’s where I share the fact, while [...]

What’s your one book on the shelf?


my personal first aid kit contains a fave! We all have self- definitions. While this can be a limiting thing for the sake of today’s navel gazings post it’s not. For today lets choose to view our collective self-definitions as merely information on how we see/view ourselves. A chunk of my self-definition includes the fact [...]

Tips for walking a half-marathon?


I walked my first race in Napa! Every few years I decide I want to attempt, again, to be a runner. I’m uncertain why—I think it’s because I covet the freedom of the run, as I know (in my heart and in my piriformis) I am not a runner. I get the RUNNINGurge. I commit. [...]