Join me in exercising LESS?


SWING SET fitness! I know. I say it all the time. The thing is, until I have the world on my band wagon (world wagon?!), I’m gonna say it again and again. In this day & age when everyone admonishes us to increase the exercise! I’m here waving the “sometimes less (time) is indeed more [...]

A long period of applause.


Mine would involve snacks served on skulls. The other night I watched as stars were interviewed on their way to the Emmys. Back in the *day* (AKA pre-Tornado) I used to camp out on the couch and watch the entire red carpet event. I snarked about the dresses.  I mocked the hair-dos.  I devoured each [...]

Night owls living in a morning person’s world (guest post).

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This summer has been a lot of fun. As a family, we traveled to Ireland for two weeks. The boys and I also spent two weeks at my parents. Between that and one week of camp, there have been some great learning experiences. But we’ve also had several weeks of downtime. And as often happens [...]

Creative cardio #wycwyc style.


(Doing what I can when I can. It’s not a fad–it’s my life.) The question I’m most frequently asked is whether I really practice what I preach on my blog. Emails. Tweets. Comments. Facebook messages. It seems the collective you wonder if my philosophy is something to which I actually adhere. move. daily. something. #wycwyc. day [...]

Use your gifts.


Once upon a time the Tornado was in first grade and was assigned the teacher everyone warned us (and her) away from. You want anyone but Mr. X!! He’s really tough on kids and parents. I was apprehensive but went into the whole experience with an open mind. To my surprise and delight she loved [...]

I’m doing Back to School BOOT CAMP.

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The below is a sponsored UNsponsored post.  It links to content I’ve written for Swerve Sweetener, but they did not ask I give it a shout-out here.  As with all stuffs I write—it’s  really going down.  Soon. Today. Now.    Summertime fun. Around here it is a sad day. It’s back to school day. Back [...]

The blog commenting dilemma: to close or not to close?


If you’re a blogger or a business owner who uses blogging as part of your marketing strategy, you may know that comments are a big par of what keeps the conversation going for your brand… …Or is it? There has been a trend lately in the blogosphere about closing comments. There are various reasons for [...]

I am anxious.


Lately, to most anyone who will listen, I’ve yammered about how anxious I feel. “I know why,” I share to people who’ve most often already stopped listening.  “It’s because I’m living in the future.  I have lots looming ahead and I’m continually trying to figure out how it will unfold while simultaneously trying to be [...]

Speed round time: SLEEP or SWEAT?

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My FAVE tank-top post shvitz‘ing OK, People. It’s a hectic time of year for most of us. Even if you don’t have a child starting THIRD GRADE next week (!) summer is wrapping up in the Northern Hemisphere which means life can just feel jam packed and rushed. Around here the hectic manifests itself in [...]



I work with EleVen by Venus.  The zeal I am filled with about heading to L.A. today is all my own. Team EleVen by Venus at Fitbloggin! The title for this post fits because that’s pretty much how last minute this is for me. My life is in flux these days so I’d been a [...]