I don’t believe in writer’s block.


The other day a friend of ours brought up the notion of bloggers & writer’s block. Unaware my life is Groundhog Day she asked, when I touched on a topic similar to one I’d before, if I were blocked: Her comment sparked a few thoughts. First, as I’ve learned about myself with assertions that aren’t […]

How to get your child to gobble healthy foods.


Lately we (the Royal. the ‘social media we’) have been chatting a lot about PUFFER FISH. How I’ve gotten the Child excited about it. Why I don’t just puree, sneak & call it a win. Today I’m hanging over at Venus Williams’ place and sharing my why. Revealing my getting-the-child-to-consume-healthy-stuffs-happily how. Join me?     […]

I’ve chosen quantity over quality.

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We’ve established I’m not a foodie. I do, however, have enough foodie-friends to be aware of the debate over quality of food (locally sourced, takes time to prepare) versus quantity of food (I think of this as volume eating). I’m no social media guru, yet I’ve been pulled into the quality versus quantity debate there […]

Take what you need: RAOK (the child’s guest post).


It was recently Random Acts of Kindness week at the Child’s elementary school. These little gestures are things we’ve done together since she was tiny. The thing is we’ve never referred to them as as such. Mitzvahs. Paying our rent. These are the terms we’ve typically used. As a result, when the child was informed […]

My personal first aid kit.


Since I was in college I’ve had a personal first aid kit. Back then I definitely didn’t refer to it as such (& lets just say its contents may not have been as healthy/positive self-care as they are now)–but I definitely possessed one. (apparently my kit included a curling iron) I’d redo my personal first […]



When I’m not overwhelmed by the task of raising a soon-to-be-TWEEN into a productive member of society I can step back and see how all I ever needed to know about life Ive learned from this rearing process. Yes, roots and wings. Sure, practice what you long to preach. Indeed, playful parenting is the way […]

Love languages.


her <3 language. Almost exactly a year ago the Child & I experienced our worst morning ever. The worst morning in the eight years I’d been a mother and, Id venture to say, worst for her *ever-ever.* The specifics of it are unimportant (exhaustion + losing a family-member with solo-parenting slapped on top)–what’s important is […]

#wycwyc is not about excuses.

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The other day I skipped out on life and had coffee instead. I sat. I didn’t fit in fitness. I mindfully chose to have a saltier, crappier (technical term) snack I’d thought the morning would bring. And, because I am who I am, I scrawled this on my cup. A reminder to me: My taking […]

Old hands.


Anyone else recall the (late 70’s) commercial where two women compare tops of hands & the chronologically OLDER is proud to possess “younger looking hands” all thanks to XYZ product? Was it Palmolive?! (Google isn’t much help with this factoid as I sit here blogging in “real time” and brain-dumping as the Child & Doodle […]

Kindness breeds kindness (guest post).

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I have learned so much about patience, attitude, faith and fearlessness from Krysten.  I’ve invited her over today to share her musings on the notion of kindness. I read this article – 15 things Incredibly Happy People Do – last week. And I loved the principles! A lot of the things listed are things I try […]