Musings on enjoying the process.

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I don’t know what the blog version of FAKEBOOKING is—but, in rereading this post, I think I accidentally did it. It’s not that I wasn’t excited to get a book deal (those who know me well know this is a process I started back in 2000), I just knew–unlike my beloved fiction writing–getting a “deal” [...]

What 3 words would OTHERS use to describe you?


This flashback post is sparked by the interaction above.  As we move toward book release this post is more applicable than ever. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this post at Mommalogues. I rarely visit the site yet when I saw a tweet containing the link/teaser below it snagged my attention. What three [...]

Progress – not perfectionIST (guest post).

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Carla recently sent out a guest post request for the topic ‘Progress, not perfection.’ I jumped at the opportunity to guest post for her for a couple reasons. One, because I love reading words from this wise mizfit, and it’s an honor to contribute to her blog. Two, because it has been somewhat of a [...]

Venus, you looked STRONG out there today!


(“photo” credit: the eight year old.) I felt strong, Carla! I’m in awe at how you juggle three tennis balls without breaking a sweat!  That’s amazing! Thanks! Ive worked really hard on this skill.  It took me forever to master, but now I rock it. Yep. I’m hanging over at Venus’ place today and we’re [...]

Meditation #wycwyc style

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Recently the Tornado had a hard morning.  She struggled. She was unable to lick her forearms. I was unable to help her feel better.  Mid-DoodleWalk she plopped and, as she phrases it, tried to compose herself.  It reminded me meditation need not be long or formal.  Meditation can happen anywhere at any time. Meditation is [...]

Everyone has a hard.

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(to The Chairman this is a hard) Ive long known everyone has a hard. Ive long believed in and been a champion of the quote: Recently Ive been more reminded of this than ever. Recently a few women—merely in passing and in the most matter of fact of ways—have shared their hard with me. I’d [...]

The tattoo stories

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To my chagrin I had no idea yesterday was National Tattoo Day.  I be celebrating up in herre today. And yes. Just possibly. Definitely maybe. With a tiny new piece of ink. When people ask about my tattoos (why did you get them? do they mean anything? will you regret them?) I respond: For me [...]

Four ways slacklining parallels my life.


I blame this post on the fact I made a not-that-funny joke about teaching Charming to slackline. Afterward, in my inimitable way, I grew obsessed with the parallels between slacklining and my life.   I used to tell people–everyone. anyone who would listen.—what terrible balance I had. If you handed me a BOSU ball I’d [...]

B.R.A.Z.E.N. goal setting (S.M.A.R.T. goal update).


What already feels like a lifetime ago I journeyed to NAPA for the Zooma Race series. I came.  I swam.  I saw.  I posed. I presented. I walked. And while it all was amazing (I loved loved loved walking the 10k!!) my fave facet was the opportunity to get B.R.A.Z.E.N. in front of a group [...]

A recovering perfectionist (guest post).

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As a Type A, competitive, driven person, the phrase that has become a theme in my life the last few years is “progress, not perfection.” Is anyone else a recovering perfectionist? It’s so easy to set a high bar for myself and then become discouraged or frustrated when those goals are not met, without recognizing [...]