Being a blank page.

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The other morning the Child woke earlier than usual. When she came downstairs I was still busy trying to make my mind like this: She was curious. I struggled to explain. Om over at Venus Williams’ place sharing how I broke down, on her 9 year old level, meditation and how it doesn’t change things. Join […]

When good habits go rogue (guest post).

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Hi! Ashleigh here! In November, Carla wrote this really thought-provoking post on shedding good habits. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you do. Go on…I’ll still be here when you get back! When I read that post, I pretty much immediately knew what “good” habit I was needing to shed: nap taking. […]

A day in my life.


My initial thought when I decided to join the Day in my Life link-up was: I can’t imagine anyone cares what I do all day/what my routine looks like? And then, like some sort of law of attraction, I began to receive a flurry of questions from friends online and off. How different is your […]

This weekend’s half-marathon…


Yep. I know. Even I am a little bit shocked I didn’t bail (best predictor of future success bailing is past bailing, right?). That said, I didn’t do myself too too proud and I also didn’t train. I decided to view this all through the same lens I do most things: the acknowledgement life is […]

Fitnessista convinced me to HIIT it.


Disclaimer: Gina was kind enough to send me an early copy of her book, HIIT IT!  The opinions below are all my own.  ahhh the empty house. I’ve yammered nonstop about our move. I’ve detailed what I perceived to be the drawbacks, yet I’d be remiss if I didn’t stop to share the upside. The […]

Oh Austin. There’s LOTS in my bra.


This post is inspired by too many people & blogs to cite. Too, too many to give adequate link-love. The information and TMI-details below have only increased with our recent relocation endeavor. Business cards I don’t want to lose, keys, notes-to-self, hairbands, MORE keys hath all “emerged” at day’s end. (yep. even THAT day…) From […]

Gilmore Girls reinforced my mothering.


(our fancy ONLY for use while G.G. viewing cups.) Once upon a time, 15 years ago (!), a little show named Gilmore Girls was launched. I was a happy newlywed living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and cared NOT AT ALL about the WB channel or its offerings. Flash forward fourteen long years and I’d […]


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Look at me! I’m gadget-free! Disclosure: I love me some Shauna Reid. Like we used to do a podcast together love. Like if I had the chance to kidnap someone and could force her to be my sisterwife it would be Shauna love.  Secondary disclosure: I invited her and her co-author, coach Julia Jones, to […]

A #wycwyc book trailer casting call (<—this means you!)


my mantra. my anchor. I may have mentioned at some point how Roni Noone and I have a book coming out soon (wink). I may have mentioned (or not? no wink.) how this has been an overnight success fourteen years in the making (yep. that’s how long Ive had agents, not sold manuscripts, pitched, created […]

2015’s word is silence.

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Last year was all about the truth. talking sharing nudging others to talk stopping the Fakebooking sharing our hards. I talked and talked and talked. *We* split wide open. *We* were candid about our struggles & the unspoken truths of our lives. We rallied to support each other rather than tear each other down (except […]