Is Blogging Dead? I say NO! (guest post).

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Please welcome Kristine (whose hair I covet but that’s a different post).  I’ve invited her here to share her response to my musings on the State of the Blogging. I have a lot of thoughts on the topic of blogging. Even though I don’t write long “journalog”-type posts much, I still consider myself having been […]

4 lessons weight training taught me about life.


Resistance training, for me, is bigger than something I do to stay fit as I age. It’s taught me more about life in general than anything else I’ve done and, paradoxically, helps me remain laser-focused on whats important to me outside fitness. I advocate resistance training for health, but am a resistance training evangelist because […]

Charming the Therapy Doodle.


 I’m training to be a what?! A long time ago in a land far away, a Goldendoodle name Charming entered our lives. He was a recovery-canine of sorts for the Child (after a rescue effort gone awry) and the two quickly became inseparable. yep , we did the stroller to avoid Parvo. They played together.  […]

The Value of Pain.

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(Carla note: I adore The Invitation, too.) Please welcome my writer-friend, Valerie. And, because writers WRITE, the below was simply her comment about my Happiness Bullying post. Because it resonated with me Ive asked her to share it here. I hope it resonates with you as well. I’ve spent several days pondering this post. Carla […]



When we chatted about connection, and I shared how one motion helped me reframe my days, I was surprised many people both “got it” and needed it. It’s not I surmise I’m a special snowflake (as our little friend used to call me) it’s as we bumble through life & see what others choose to […]

Blogging is dead. Long live the blog!


Last week I had a secret meeting jetted off for a short trip. The plan was to: go, meetmeetmeet, sleep, return. What’s not included above? Hint: it rhymes with SLOGGING. A touch of social media exhaustion coupled with choosing to live & not blog about life resulted in my decision to leave the laptop home. […]

How many hours a day do you workout?


(if I’m running something BAD is behind me!) Last week I helped with Family Health & Fitness Night at the Child’s school. It was a fun way to find out about elementary school PA (I’ve learned the hard way NOT to refer to it as PE. I guess it’s no longer EDUCATION but activity?). It […]

“Im saving these until youre dead…”

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“Mama, I’ve decided something.” “I’m going to save all these.  I’m going to save them until you’re dead.” “And then I’ll show them to my children.  And they will be passed down…what’s that word…” “Oh yes. They will be passed down through generations.” “But only, definitely, after you’re dead.”  

Tomorrow is the official day.


Once upon a time the fabtastic Julie surprised Roni & me with a picture. We were about to record a podcast and giving the hashtag a final skim on social media when we discovered the image. Neither of us could believe it. Julie captured us so perfectly and it was such a lovely surprise it […]

Words GLORIOUS words! (guest post)

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We love how June writes. We LOVE the Flexies she sells… Please welcome June. I adore how she and I disagree on many topics and yet a friendship based on mutual respect has been created. I invited her here to share her response to my BINGE WATCHING post. What do words mean to you? For […]