Fat vs Fit: The truth about FITSPO.


I’m married to a onetime trademark/copyright attorney.  If I weren’t below would be an example of FITSPO photos for those who may not know to what I’m referring.  Alas, I’m going the boring definition route which is guaranteed not to get my misfita** sued. Fitspo—or fitspiration—is a relatively new term used to describe something (typically [...]

The importance of mattering.


This is my favorite photo of my friend, Sue. Captured mid-laugh, unaware photo was taken, doing the double hand grab. (Ive absolutely no idea why I’m wearing that expression.) The you matter to me. I’m present with you. double hand grab is a perfect metaphor for Sue’s life. The first time we met I was [...]

I introduced the Cadbury Creme Egg to the USA.


Once upon a time I meet a boy. He was different from others I’d dated—in myriad ways—one being he frequently told me he couldn’t wait for our “honeymoon period” to be over. I like the time when I’ve heard all the other person’s stories and start to hear them all for a second time. To [...]

Brazen like a MOTHA!


I am brazen. This isn’t something I’ve always realized, though. So much of my life, I’ve struggled with what seemed to me to be my reckless desire to live outside of society’s expectations for a woman. Since I was 20 years old, I’ve walked in and out of entrepreneurship, a brazen act in and of [...]

Real girls. Reel stories.

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 5.18.39 AM

  I was incredibly inspired by Carla’s Brazen post and after nodding enthusiastically at the computer screen– I decided to answer her call to action: What does BRAZEN mean to me? I am the founder of Camp Reel Stories, a media camp for teenage girls.  And I am about to embark on year two of [...]

The No Excuses! t-shirt exercise.


 It’s tee-shirt time.  Again.  I’ve got an eight year old sidekick who’d *love* to SHARPIE-up a tee and a college BFF who’s nothing if not honest.  Today’s my day.  Is today YOUR day? Ok, People. I’m passionate enough about this exercise I’m willing to put my *misfit heart* on the line & admit I really [...]

Getting (Eggland’s) FRESH with the Husband.


I am the Eggland’s Best EGG’vangelist and the below is a sponsored post.  The fact I’ve stolen the Child, run away to NYC & left the Husband to food-fend for himself is all my own.   Dear Husband, At this point I’m hoping you’ve noticed the Tornado and I are gone. Not to worry.  We [...]

Start spreading the news…


She’s leaving today! And she knows now. Broadway. Work for mama. Broadway. Back. And, being the misfit I am, I’m not here to seek guest posts (I do love me some real-time, real-life blogging)—but purveyors of F.W.B. and lottsa distractions to bother the husband while we’re away. Any takers? Any NYC-with an eight year old [...]

When is it ok to lie to your child?


Once upon a time, Mulan married Ken. Since we’ve moved the Husband’s work-hours have been long. Unpredictably long, mixed with travel, yet I don’t mind. There’s nothing we can do to change the situation, so I’ve shifted my perspective and discovered a glittery, silver lining. These stretches of solo parenting are a gift of time. [...]

Don’t compare you to…YOU.


These musings are an outgrowth of the comment above. Sort of. These musings are an outgrow of posts such as this one by a DoodleLovingBloggerIAdore and a BAD*SS squatter I admire. Kind of. These musings are an outgrowth of how I lead my life and something I recommitted to a few years ago. Completely. I’m [...]