Are you *emotionally* overweight? (guest post)


When was the last time someone said something to you that Totally. Blew. Your Mind? It happened to me this summer. Here’s the story. I was sitting next to a woman at a meeting, and we begin chatting about our children (of course). She shared that her 14 year-old daughter had recently met her long-lost [...]

I wore my #wycwyc tee out.

whatever I can do & WILL DO is enough.

I caint lie. I rock the #wycwyc at home. Yep. I used the R-word. I almost find it easy (now) and simple (since it’s become habit) only because it’s been the backdrop to my life for so many years. More specifically for almost nine years (guess who turns nine next month?). I rock the #wycwyc [...]

Wanna be my BFF?

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 1.48.19 PM

(No idea who originally said this. I just love it.) Once upon a time I was a tiny misfit about to enter kindergarten. According to family lore (retold so many times I’m convinced I remember it happening) I expressed this trepidation to my Mom. “Here’s what you do,” she instructed me. “Find someone you like [...]

Fearless rebranding.


Nine months ago I became myself. Although it was a long time coming (much more about that at the Summit) it was only nine months ago I finally yanked the MizFit plug, pulled off the caricature veil and gave myself room to grow.  yep.  my logo as a reader tattoo. that’s some tight branding. Even [...]

It’s OK to wish Mamahood away.


Who wouldn’t wanna SAVOR these two? Last Saturday morning I leaped out of bed with an enormous To Do list. I had a few things I knew must be checked off by 530a (hold me) or I’d not be where I needed in order to slow down once the Child and The Chairman were awake. [...]

Is there a happiness set point?


Our 2013 gratitude jar commitment has continued longer than I’d dared to hope. Quite frankly I’d envisioned the project as something Id have to nudge the Tornado to grow enthusiastic about. To my surprise, she’s usually the instigator of our gratitude moments. Sometimes she sneaks off into her room and writes/paints/draws her gratitude and brings [...]

I learned GRIT from my Daddy (guest post).


Elle is sharing her story at my request.  She normally blogs at both We Can Begin to Feed and Eat Run Sail where she talks about everything from food to recipes to fitness.   According to Merriam-Webster the word GRIT can be defined as: firmness of mind or spirit :  unyielding courage in the face of [...]

Annnd we’re moving.


It’s funny (odd  not ha ha) how many times I’ve started and STOPPED writing this post. For some reason, as I brain-dumped and wrote, it kept feeling as though it didn’t ‘fit” here, Which is crazy (the batshit not the fun kind) as this is simply a blog. My blog. My place for ramblings and [...]

The self-fulfilling prophecy.


Lately Ive been a nostalgic Mama. Less than pining for times gone by (windshield not review mirror!) Ive more been watching the (no longer much of a) Tornado, considering who she was and marveling at who she’s growing to be. As  much as she’s changed—nine next month. when did that happen?!–in so many ways she’s [...]