Dontcha… (guest post)

Please to enjoy BK.

She’s a Jazzercise Instructor in MD-area, mother of two and an avid runner.

Don’t Cha

Wish you instructor was as fun as me…Don’t cha wish you had sexy guns nice arms like me.. Don’t cha wish you had a great a$$ buns like me.. Don’t cha..

When MizFit invited me to do a guest post I was beyond happy I mean she is my online fitness mentor.

I may not comment often but I’m always reading and back when I had my other blog weightdownmoneyup (I deleted it) she would encourage me often.

She would answer questions I had about personal training *yes I aspire to be one* no scratch that.

I will be a certified trainer by the end of summer 2010 but I digress.

This is like getting your name called on Price is Right *bob barker days* BK come on down!!!!!

I’ve been petite majority of my life.

I stand 5’ 4” and currently weigh in at 175lbs..

So technically that’s no longer petite—that’s overweight for a person of my stature.

Even after 2 children I managed to maintain my weight in the 135-145 range and wore a size 6-8.. GO ME.. so what happened?? I stopped loving me for who I was.

I was in a bad relationship and I LOST myself.

I remember the day my life changed like it was yesterday.  I went in for my annual physical right after my 29th birthday and during the visit after a while I couldn’t hear anything my doctor had said to me.

At that time I topped the scales at 212lbs and squeezed into a size 16 because an 18 was just too much for me to bear.

BK a size 18?! yessir my poor knees, my poor back.

I awoke 2 days later in a hospital bed with tubes in parts of my body I didn’t know existed.   As I blinked I saw my mother and 2 children huddled together in a corner of the room.   I couldn’t speak and then I made eye contact with my mom.  She came over held my hand and prayed, pinched me and said don’t you ever scare us like that again.

I wasn’t even able to scream OUCH!!! but I saw the look in her eyes and in my children’s eyes and I didn’t EVER want to see those looks on their faces again.

Lil ole me had a heart attack at the prime ole age of 29.

I was an athlete most of my life so I never thought I would have any problems!

Heck, I snapped back to pre-baby body after 2 C-SECTIONS!  That had to be worth something!

BUT it all changed when I stopped loving myself because I was so consumed in loving someone who didnt love me back.

I LOST the battle  BUT God gave me another chance and since then I’ve made the MOST of it.

Once cleared I began walking on a regular basis through a trail near my home and then bought a few workout dvd’s (Taebo anyone?? Billy Blanks was a beast!!)

Then a friend introduced me to Jazzercise and after the first class I was HOOKED.

I loved it because that instructor was FUNNY and she made you laugh so hard you forgot all about the pain from doing all the leg lifts.

I soon became a part of the family at my local center and then a class manager.

I loved working out  there because everyone was so supportive and  I began to lose weight without even thinking about it.

I was determined to lose the weight and get off of the meds I was on for good—–and I did.

In 2005, I made the decision that I wanted to become a Jazzercise instructor, talked to the owner of my center & she told me I still needed to lose a few pounds.

( Thank you and you’re on!!!)

By April 2006 when I went train to become a certified Jazzercise Instructor I’d lost a total of 78lbs.

I passed my certification with flying colors as well.

I’ve had a few bumps and bruises along the way BUT it never stopped my drive nor my determination to be the BEST instructor I can be.
I hear snide comments all the time (whew for a big girl you really work it out or d*mn I didn’t think you would work me that hard I guess big girls got it too) I’ve learned to let those comments slide.

Skinny does not equate to FIT nor does it equate to HEALTHY.

I no longer allow other folks PERCEPTION to become MY REALITY.


Don’t get boxed in.


I know I am.


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  1. says

    This is great post. It just goes to show how powerful mind over matter is, and that the will to succeed has to come from within you.

  2. says

    What a great post! I can’t believe you had one at 29. How scary!

    How did you learn to ignore everyone else’s remarks and not get weighed down? Some of us (yes, me of course) struggle with feeling comfortable in our own skin. I think I’ll check out your blog and see if you’ve discussed this :)Thanks!

  3. Nita says

    Thank you! This is one of the most inspiring posts I’ve read in ages! You go girl! And kick some butt in your classes! Good luck to you!

  4. says

    So happy for you, BK. Way to get back into it and LOVE yourself!

    PS I would love to have you for a jazzercise instructor 😀 I’ve never tried it before but it sounds like fun!

  5. says

    Awesome post! So many, many times our relationship TOTALLY affect our weight. We turn to food as a comfort and nurturing factor when it is missing from our relationship. I have often wondered why it takes a health scare to kick us in the ass.
    Thank you for your honest post!

  6. says

    Thanks everyone.. it’s not an easy road but I’ve learned to handle the bumps as I continue on my journey

    @Diana yes at 29.. it didn’t help that on my father’s side there was a family history of heart disease and the additional stress and self hatred just got me there faster.. how did I get past it.. I looked in the mirror and realized that nobody elses opinion of ME mattered more than my OWN.

  7. says

    Awesome post! It is so important to love the skin you are in even when you are in the process of changing it. Congrats to you for making the choice to change your life and reaching your goal of being a fitness instructor. Way to go!!

  8. says

    Love this post! And holy cow- a heart attack survivor before you hit 30.

    Good luck on the PT cert. If you have any questions feel free to add me to your resources.

  9. says

    I have to admit that I was one of those people who walked into Jazzercise for the first time, saw my instructor and thought “she’s not skinny at all”. I was so happy that she was “normal” and it made me feel comfortable to look around the room and see so many different shapes, sizes, and ages that I stayed. After I took that first class I was hooked and 3 years later I’m proud to say I Jazzercise baby!! The instructor is still there and she is my absolutely favorite one! She has more energy and cardio than I will ever have. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us to love ourselves no matter what. Best of luck in all you do and so glad you’re still here with us sharing you’re positive outlook and inspiring us to do more!

  10. says

    Loving the skin your in requires you to take care of the skin you are in. I am a personal trainer and I am always amazed with what motivates people to take back their lives and health. Fear and Vanity seem to be the common motivators. It is scary when we see the results of our bad health habits.

    Anyways keep up the great work.

  11. says

    Wow – what a great post and especially since this is heart disease awareness week!! I am so glad you made it through and are still here with your kiddos!

  12. says

    I get comments like that too! “You did what workout? Wow, you’re in good shape for a big girl…YOU ran a marathon? Wow.” Ugh. I’ve gotten used to saying, I’m in dang good shape, for a chubby girl. Wish I didn’t feel the need for the qualifier.

  13. says

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart in this post! I loved everything you said. You inspire me as I’m sure you do many many others. Keep up all your hard work and kick some butt in class!! Good job with all your success…best wishes!

    Jen :)