Musings from outside the comfort zone.

Subtitle: The post below is long. Snag a snack. Settle in.  Bookmark for later when you have time.  Amazingly this is the edited version.  For that you may thank me later.

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First,  I want to thank you.

I wouldn’t have had the opportunity I did last week if you (the royal. the misfit’y) hadn’t voted.

I keep thanking–but that’s the magnitude of my gratitude.

ONWARD. To the awkward zone.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

And, while Id love to uber-ramble about every.single.detail (email me if you want ‘em. I’m way too eager to share), I shall attempt to reign it in through the utilization of bullets.

We shall see if I succeed.

  • I was super nervous. For some reason this surprised some people in my life.  Would I be nervous about getting up in front of a huge group of people and speaking? Hell no. Was I nervous about prancing around (yes, there was prancage) & having my picture taken? HELL YES.  Case & point: there was no Tornado in the hotel room to wake me Tuesday morning & I was up at the CRACK.  Before the crack.  (OK I didn’t sleep.)
  • The other women are amazing. It’s a crapshoot (technical term) when you toss 6 unique & strong personalities together for two long days of what *could* have been spotlight vying.    There was nary a moment of vying and SO much encouragement, support, sharing, talking and laughing. LOTS of laughing. (That’s all I’m allowed to say about the other women right now.  A detailed announcement/PR profiles are coming from Fila this week.)
  • I liked how the make-up looked! And yet, true to my misfit self, I didn’t ask for tips & tricks. Many of you emailed saying how AMAZING it would be to get inside secrets from a real make-up artist. I think my lack o’curiousity/asking was partially the fact I was terrified (the first day) & partially the fact she & I chatted about so many other interesting topics and yes partially the fact I plan not to wear make up again until Im super famous and can bring her along with me to all my fancypants events.
  • I am an awkward spastic gazelle. (and yes. It made my day when one of you remarked on Facebook that the fact may be true–but I was *your* awkward spastic gazelle.) I’m not sure what I anticipated the shoot would be like.  I think I thought we’d be told to strike a pose, the photographer would snap, and then we’d be instructed to strike another.  More like my bodybuilding days.  (I know. I did used to watch A.N.T.M. I should have known better). To prevent giving myself awkwardness-flashbacks (please to think ELAINE BENIS) I shall simply say It was no surprised to ME when music was played & I was told to dance in front of 30 people the whole *shebang* was not this misfit’s forte. Which brings me to:
  • The photographer, David Drebin, was fantastic. He’s famous. He’s big time.  He’s shot some serious celebrities.  He’s done shoots all over the world.  He both put us all immediately at ease and did NOT make us feel as though we were…not model’y enough. (by WE I may mean me & my awkward spastic dancing).  At the end of the first day, when we shot more of a lifestyle picture (oooh I tease) I felt comfortable & confident in front of the camera and it was mostly David’s doing.
  • FILA ROCKS. I cannot say this enough. The entire time all they seemed to care about was we were *enjoying* the experience & there was nothing we needed.  I may not be a model (ahh spastic dancing. you curse me) yet for two days I felt bad-ass, special, fancy, & important.  Less than what transpired (hair/make-up/shooting in *freezing temps* in little clothing while pretending to be warm just like real models) it was the intangibles. The overall vibe of APPRECIATION (!) the crew had for us & value they placed on our thoughts/time. I’ve blogged for 10 years. Ive worked with many brands. This isn’t always the case.
  • The clothing ROCKS. You may think this is a given. You may also wonder if Id be candid.  It’s not and I would. (From the moment we arrived Fila encouraged us to be brutally honest in our thoughts, tweets, facebook updates etc.) I LOVE my bootcut pants.  I wasn’t sure Id like the shorts or the tops as much.  Ive now seen & worn the entire line and I adore it.  (Except for the skort. I can’t wait to see the skort.) I spent two *long* days wearing nothing but Fila Body Toning System.  I still want to wear it now. That, in my opinion, is all that needs to be said.
  • I play favorites. Many of you asked me to come up with something I didn’t like about the line &  for me it’s all about color. I love the fit of all the items yet, for some odd reason, I never wear blue  (interestingly they never offered me a blue top either).  I own nothing blue (this seemed to shock & horrify a few of you).  That said, as a misfit who has spent far too much time outside her comfort zone lately, I think I shall pass on starting the blue-wearing now.

(that was long, huh? I ramble because I love.)

What happens next and where will the images be used? I’m not sure.

Some pictures will be in national magazines (Shape, Fitness Magazine, OK! Magazine).

Some will be used on the Fila e-commerce site.

Some will be sprinkled around the FilaToning facebook page..

We filmed interviews, too, and word is those will be used for television.

What do I know for sure?

Precisely what I was thinking in the (click-to-make-bigger) photograph below.

I’m 2 months shy of 42.

I’m a short, tattooed, always-disheveled, writer & tomboy-mama.

I never imagined Id have the experience I did last week (*thanks to your votes*) and for that, no matter what happens during my reign next, I am grateful.


image 300x199 Musings from outside the comfort zone.



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  1. says

    Sounds like SUCH an experience! I’m glad you enjoyed being made up for the day :). I definitely couldn’t go all out with makeup every day, but as a special treat getting all done up is nice. And I can only imagine how strange posing/modeling must feel. I can’t wait to see more of the results- especially when they hit news stands- keep us up to date when you know more!

  2. Kimmie says

    You are so amazing Miz.
    Your photos are beautiful and your writing is even more so.

    I’m so happy you represented us :)

  3. says

    I loved that Seinfeld!!

    And the picture of you at the end. You look so deep in thought, Miz.

    Thank YOU for staying ever humble even as you get more successful.

    Congrats on the Fitness Magazine mention, too!

  4. says

    I SO wish I had made the “but your OUR awkward spastic gazelle” comment — priceless and so very true! Proud of you for representing us so well!

  5. Lara says

    I’ll be back to read after work, but wanted to say I LOVE the picture at the end.

    One word: pensive.

    Love ya Miz!

  6. says

    It does sound like you had a wonderful experience and I completely understand why you would be so nervous about all of that, fear of the unknown. I can’t wait to read the interview and see your photo in these magazines too. I am sure you rocked it..

  7. Cat says

    There’s your book title Miz.

    I am an awkward spastic gazelle.

    I can’t wait to see more photos. You look so YOUNG in that picture.

    What’s the secret?? :)

  8. says

    I am so envious. What a delight, to be treated so very well. To have had such a good time. To be experiencing all this cool stuff – just wonderful.

    (I just turned 42. Your last thoughts rang and resonated with me…)

    I am on the verge of some “stuff” myself – that it should be this great is my hope!

    Diminishing Lucy


    • says

      You are funny. Just got your “shameful” Wii admission comment. Wif “Fit” is misnomer. No fitness every happened with those babies. Just giggles. You’re not missing ANYTHING, promise! xx

  9. Nettie says

    I’ve been waiting for this :) and it wasn’t too long, Lady, I want more.

    You ROCK the videos and I hope to see you on TV (!).

    The Today Show???

  10. says

    This is why we love you. So humble and so great. I am so happy you had such a wonderful experience!! I can’t wait to see the ads :)

  11. says

    Work is going to crush me today, but by having leftover deviled eggs instead of fixing my usual egg beater omellette, I had time to enjoy your highlights recap with my coffee. Where can I sign up for the detailed version?

    You so deserve to feel bad-ass! You ARE bad-ass! But I love your openness and honesty and that’s another reason why Fila was so smart to choose you (or to let us choose you). We will trust your reviews and respect them for respecting you. ;-)

  12. says

    You are a BAD-ASS spastic gazelle and don’t you forget it!
    I can’t wait to see the photos in magazines and point out my friend in the ad.

    You represented us all and we’re so proud!!

  13. Karyn says

    Not long enough ;)

    Will we get a part two?

    No one is better as our represetative than a tattooed tomboy-mama.

    You rock.

    • Miz says

      hmmm. yes? Id love to blog more about the other women etc and wasnt sure how long to wait for the FILA PR release etc.
      and more behind the scenes stuff of my own *if* thats not too boring navel-gazing.

      It mightcould be boring navel-gazing…

  14. says

    Carla, I am so happy for you & I read it but need to come back & read it more thoroughly after I sleep. You look amazing in the pics! I think better than anyone & although I am biased, it is truly what I believe! You have worked hard for this!

    Honestly, I am jealous & I feel fine saying that – who wouldn’t be! ;-) This is what I have wanted for a long time but glad if somebody wagoingng to get it, it was you. I feel great about that!

    HUGS & you rock!

  15. says

    I think the biggest reason I will try Fila Toning is because you showed they are as real and down to earth as you. I’m am glad you had such an amazing experience!

  16. Tia says

    I’d love specifics on your days. Miz.

    Or just about the first few photos and how you felt.

    You look amazing.

  17. says

    I’m so proud of you! The pictures look beautiful. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking it would be really cool to see you on commercials. I’m not entirely sure I watch enough tv to ever see any, but it would be awesome. I like thinking I can say “you see that lady on the fila commercial, she’s my friend.” ;)

  18. says

    Congratulations on such an awesome experience. As I was reading your post, I was thinking how I used to buy only Fila shoes when I was younger. However, it seemed like over the years I didn’t see them as much, you have now renewed my interest in them as I am shopping for new workout shoes.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  19. says

    I love reading all about this wonderful experience. You may not be a supermodel, but we all hold you in higher regard :)

  20. says

    Love love love…you. Thanks for sharing as many details as you could. I can relate to the whole professional-photo-shoot-with-famous-photog thing…I did it a few years back and it was both wonderfully amazing and horribly awkward. But it’s worth it :-)

  21. says

    This reminds me of that time I was asked to pose with a bunch of really fit guys for a photo shoot… waitaminute… come to think of it, it was a bunch of homeless guys in a police line-up. Well, there was photography involved!

  22. Runner Girl says

    I’m great in front of the camera and freeze when the video is on.

    How did you get comfortable doing video?

    Any tips for me? ;)

  23. KyraTX says

    I’ve had fun following along during your photo shoot via your tweets. What an experience for you and the other women. Awkward spastic gazelles around the nation have a great representative in you! (I’m still working on the gazelle part, but I have the awkward and spastic part down pat.)

  24. says

    What a great experience, and so happy you had the chance to experience it, it’s well deserved – even if it wasn’t the “votes” you worked hard in your career to achieve this! I look forward to trying the line, and I more than ever look forward to seeing your beautiful mug in print! Thanks for always inspiring your readers to achieve all we want in life! I truly mean that… there are few out there that truly motivate and inspire, you are one of them!!

  25. says

    So happy for you to have this opportunity and experience, Miz. I know of no one more deserving.

    Spastic gazelle/Elaine Benis LOL’ing.

    Please share more as soon as you can.

  26. says

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us here and in your tweets. You are a gorgeous awkward gazelle – most gazelles are. Can’t wait to meet you next month. #Fitbloggin

  27. says

    You seriously rule. I would have been the same as you and I love that you did it knowing ahead of time that it was out of your comfort zone.

    Did I mention you rule?

  28. says

    Oh man, having to dance in front of a bunch of people who were all focused on me? I would have died of embarrassment! Good on ya for making it through that and hey, the Elaine Benes dance moves rock! :)

    Looks like an amazing experience all around. And it will be fun to see the pics in magazines soon!

  29. Amanda says

    If we are asking :) I would love to know if everyone was friendly? Did you get insight into what it would be like to be a real model?
    I saw your twitpics and it looked freezing outside! Was it hard to pretend you were warm and happy in workout clothing?

    I loved this, MizFit!!

  30. says

    I loved every last detail

    more! more!

    seriously, I couldnt be happier for you. You ARE the Real Women. You ARE the epitome of what a healthy living bloggger should be. You ARE an amazing example for women everywhere. You ARE 100% YOU and I LOVE LOVE you for it.

    Now, when you find a moment to breathe, lets catch up. I want more details and hugs. :)

  31. says

    What a wonderful experience! It’s so nice to hear you were treated so well by Fila. It says a lot about them as a company and the people they hire. I so enjoyed all the pics and watching you shine. And now that I know you don’t wear blue, I know what NOT to get you for your B-day!! ;)

  32. says

    Oh my gosh, it made your day when I said you were our awkward spastic gazelle? Really? That makes me happy. You make my day ALL.THE.TIME. <3

    So thrilled you won and had this experience – you deserve EVERYTHING coming your way. Thank you for being you. Miss you A LOT a lot. So freakin' eager to move to San Antonio already, to be close-by!

  33. says

    1. u r awesome! Love the tweet that leads to this.
    2. Re: your (lovely) reader comment, when I was dating a man I had a CRAZY allergic reaction when I’d taken him to a place where we could maybe see a green heron (he was also a nature dork). We left ’cause my eyelids were swelling, watering, itchy; it was a fast, furious, and scary thing. And driving to the drug store (to buy and slam benedryl) after looking at my self in the car mirror (big mistake) I cried “I look like a monster” ’cause this WAS, after all, a date. And he said “My monster.” And I married him.


  34. Jackie says

    I loved all of the bullets and want more navel gazing :)

    I wondered what was the biggest surprise to you about the trip?

    What do you WISH you could do and have never had the chance?

  35. says

    Thanks for taking us along on the photo shoot!!!! I’m so, so, so excited for you! I started reading your site when I started my own blog two years ago, and you have been an inspiration ever since. You are real, honest, and funny, and you often motivate me to just get my workouts done. In my opinion, Fila couldn’t have chosen a better person!!! And now I really want to try the clothes!

  36. says

    I’ve been waiting for this post!!!! So glad you got to have this experience and you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see the finished product too! And pretty much half my workout wardrobe is blue so if you ever want to borrow anything… (we should be sisters anyhow, might as well start by sharing a closet?? ;)) So proud of you for getting out of your box!

  37. says

    You are such a freaking rockstar. Way to get outside your comfort zone. I love playing with makeup and hair (I did my own for my wedding), but on a daily basis I wear cover stay lipstick mainly because it helps my lips stay unchapped and I run a brush through my slept on hair and that’s it. I am all about low maintenance. :)

    And I think you would look LOVELY in a dark blue – but it’s just like I won’t wear pink. I own ONE pink shirt and it’s a handmedown that I rarely wear (and only because it has godzilla hitchhiking on it…), I would have never picked it out myself.

  38. says

    What a fun and crazy experience you had! I’m so glad you were chosen and I don’t think there’s anyone I would have liked to hear about it from more than you. (I apologize to any English majors for the horribleness of that sentence.)

  39. says

    Wow! It sounds like it was a wonderful experience all the way around. I’m so happy for you and that you enjoyed it so much!!!!!!

  40. says

    Congratulations, you look great and the clothes look cute and practical too.

    It was a fabulous post, and we all actually want to hear more. It sounds so very exciting. And I’m so glad you can write so well about it. Now we all can re-live it with you.

    You go girl!

  41. Melanie says

    What a fun post!

    You are an amazing writer and model Miz.

    Good choice Fila!!

    I mean US since we picked you LOL