I am the WINNER! (Brita giveaway post)

Today is the day.

It’s the final 24 hours of my Brita Challenge with Roni Noone and I am officially the WINNER!!

(please to not visit Ms. Noone’s blog as there’s a tiny chance she mightcould erroneously believe herself to be the victor. She would be wrong.)

For those of you joining us late to the Brita Challenge or to Roni who may be coming over here to steal my tricks procure some tips for next year–allow me to review what transpired.

What were the challenge specifics and what really happened?

I committed to drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day starting on September 30th.  Brita generously provided me* with a Brita pitcher and water bottle to make my hydration pursuit easier (skimmer alert! skimmer alert! these are the same treats you can win today!).

Starting September 29th (shhh dont tell Roni) I decided to end the drought in my mouth.  I drank poured out a few JUGS of my beloved Snapple iced tea & switched to drinking water.



Just for September 29th.  (I know. Im completely hard of core…for 24 short hours).

Since then Ive consumed ten glasses of water per day with various & sundry other liquids interspersed between.

I love my morning cup of coffee.  I adore my Mommy Merlot (one a day. needed or not.).  I didnt give those up.

What did I learn from the Brita Challenge?

Im not sure I learned so much as was reminded.

I was reminded how much better I feel when properly hydrated.

Im more energetic, I retain less water/am less bloated, & my skin looks better (many of you emailed me HORRIFIED about the skin resiliency fact in this post.  Lets just say my hands bear out the veracity of the statement.).

I was reminded of the power of our Tribe.  When Roni & I brought our banter to Twitter I wasnt sure how it would go over.  Would people join in? Would it annoy my followers? Would the challenge merely be lost in the noise of the streams? 

I was reminded of the power of our Tribe.  You joined in the banter.  You let us know seeing our tweets to each reminded *you* to hydrate.  I found, in this isolating world of blogging, I looked forward to Roni’s taunting & teasing as a way of reminding me I wasn’t alone.   I was reminded of the power of accountability.

I was reminded when I practice what I preach—theres nary the need to say a word. 

Im aware of the fact Im a role model for the Tornado.  I dont own a scale, the I HEART MYSELF sentiment around here is truly authentic & unflagging, & I live the appreciating my body for what it can do not how it looks sentiment.  Until she insisted I buy her a Brita water bottle too I’d not realized what a poor hydration role model Id become.

What happens now? (AKA For the love of water, Miz, can you git to the freebie?!)

I cant say Ill keep this up forever (Im a realist that way) but for now Im going nowhere with out my blue bottleSure this was a sponsored challenge*, but it was one I hoped would spark a lifestyle change for all of us.  For me, for now, it definitely is.

——>Which brings me to the giveaway happening now.<——

I have a PURPLE Brita pitcher, a GREEN water bottle & a replacement filter to giveaway to one lucky USA reader.

You may be entered to win for the lowlow price of a water comment below.

How’s your hydration coming? Are you with me? And, if youre not, are you now ready to leap on the Water Wagon?



*This is a sponsored post & challenge by Brita.

USA ONLY Winner announced 10.31.11

Clorox is providing the prizes for this Promotion at no cost to me.  This Promotion is not administered or sponsored by Clorox or its affiliates, but solely by me, and by entering this Promotion you agree that The Clorox Company and its affiliates are not in any way responsible or liable for any damages, injuries or other claims you may have as a result of your participation.


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  1. Brandi B says

    That is one area I make a conscious effort to work at–I have to keep a 32 oz bottle on my stove so I remember to take it to work with me and then I end up chugging it about 1/2 before lunch–I still don’t feel any less hungry though:(

  2. Liza says

    I love the way you write.
    I didn’t make the challenge completely, yet agree with what you said about the comfort in our tribe and in numbers.

    Happy weekend!!

  3. Tess says

    PURPLE!!!! I love purple! Any motivation to keep drinking, right? Brita is an awesome company. There are many brands to choose from but it seems to be very eco friendly and concious of the environment too. I love the portable water bottles because it makes it more readily available so the excuses are lessened. Happy Friday!!!

  4. Lara says

    I’m with Liza :)
    Hydration is a pretty dry topic (pun intended) & you and Roni made me laugh a lot on twitter and I love your writing here.

    I’m not just saying that so I win LOL

  5. Runner Girl says

    I am heading out for a run with my old crappy water bottle.
    I would drink so much more if I won the BRITE!!

  6. says

    Haha-love the skimmer alert :). Ive been slacking on my water intake. K keeps me too busy, but i try to have a full bottle next to me at all times

  7. says

    I am trying to improve my water consumption and do carry a refillable water bottle with me whereever I go, but I also have a travel mug of coffee ….

  8. says

    I’m an on-again-off-again hydrator. I go strong for a few weeks, and then something gets missed and I’m off the wagon until I realize how icky I feel.

    I’ve been wanting one of those water bottles…

  9. Jamie says

    I have to make a conscious effort each day to drink water – and I really regret how I feel on the days I don’t drink enough.

  10. Barb says

    I used constant hydration to help me quit smoking (3 pack a day – yikes!) 25 years ago but my consumption has slowed in recent years. This is a good reminder — to the tap!

  11. says

    If it feels so good drinking all that water, why NOT keep it up? It becomes a habit quicker than you think! After a while, you don’t miss the other drinks. Now, when I’m sick, or sometimes in the evening I’ll have a cup of tea (black) but every day I’m hitting my Brita Pitcher over and over again.

    … oh, and if my number comes up? pls draw again. I’ve got my water hydration needs covered :)

  12. says

    While my personal challenge is to stop drinking so much freakin’ water I’m swimming through my days looking for restrooms, I love hearing you motivate all those who don’t get enough to drink some down! Just don’t be like Crabby and over-internalize “drink more water” to the point of idiocy. Er… moderation? What’s that? Discovered when I started tracking that I was drinking 7-8 QUARTS a day. Oops.

  13. says

    I have an ‘antique’ brita water pitcher that got me started drinking water, and keeps me drinking water. And I have to admit, that its just recently that I have really realized how bad I feel is usually directly related to a day of poor water consumption.

  14. Natasha says

    I didnt know you had this challange going..(just found your blog)..but for the last 3 weeks I have been upping my water intake….staying hydrated does help my energy levels and my skin…I have adult acne and when I stay hydrated it helps clear up my skin 75%.

  15. Colleenzo says

    I’m great at getting my water during the week, because I have a handy dandy canteen that stays at my desk. On the weekends, however, I slack, because I have no such containment system at home. Which is why (hint, hint) another water bottle would be key!

  16. says

    I did really well for the first couple of weeks, but then over the last weekend consumed soda and that always makes me forget the water. But I am back on the bandwagon now, and am making an honest effort to drink at least 8 glasses a day. I would love to win these goodies to help!

  17. says

    When i was 19, someone told me about the benefits of drinking water, and i’ve been well hydrated since. It’s something i can’t live without now after almost 30 years.

    Keep with it, you will be glad you did.

  18. says

    Oh I WANT!! I need something that will make it easier for me to glug glug glug my H20 throughout the day. Water is my beverage of choice, but I still don’t drink as much as I would like (or need), so YES – I want this!! :) (plus a pitcher of water in the fridge would make it more likely that my kiddos would drink more water too!)

  19. Mary says

    I fell off the water wagon for a while and I am now making the effort to drink it again. A pox on diet coke!

  20. Erin says

    I’m on board with the hydration movement! If I don’t drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, I can feel it. I’ve been preaching hydration to my coworkers, but they are still living on Diet Coke.

  21. says

    The “cooler” my water bottle, the more water I consume a day! Sounds kind of silly when I write it down, but I like the trendy water bottles with the straws! I love to add stickers to the bottle as well!

  22. Melissa says

    I used to be really good about staying hydrated but somehow I graudally stopped being so good about it. I’m trying to get back to drinking water on a regular basis throughout the day.

  23. Pat says

    I would love to win because I drink enough water (that hand/skin thing. wow!!!), but my daughter in college does not.
    I would send the bottle and pitcher to her.

  24. says

    I have been the worst hydrater in the world since my knee injury. Then when I hurt the ankle, I got even worse about hydrating!! I have a good excuse – my classroom is on top floor and bathroom is on bottom floor – all those stairs did not make my ankle happy!

    I need to fix my hydration issue!

    Send me a pretty purple pitcher…mkay?!?


  25. says

    You do teach by example & this post shows it even more so with the learning for Tornado AND I love the realistic part of it! I do drink my water but I can do better.. especially when I am out & about on the weekend! My skin has really deteriorated with age hormones so maybe time to step up the water & see what happens!

    Thx to you & Roni for “sharing”! :-)

    I do love purple & green too! :-)

    Go Miz & Roni!

  26. says

    I do ok during the work week, but on weekends I really need to do better. At the office it is easy as we have a water cooler and sitting in one place. I really need to work on my weekend drinking.

  27. Cellabella says

    I’ve been on the water wagon but I haven’t really been wearing my seat belt. I tend to drink too much coffee in the morning and then try to make up for it with glugging water in the evening resulting in multiple trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Thanks for this giveaway and for reminding me to be better about hydrating!

  28. Olivia says

    I quit on you two.

    I peed too much :) so I just cut back.
    If I win I will start again.


  29. Wanda Thompson says

    I bought a bottle to join the challenge and would love a pitcher please.

    Go Miz!! DOn’t quit the water.

  30. Shelley Donohue says

    I am so with you! Usually I am really good about drinking enough, but it’s harder as it gets colder. May need to drink more tea!

  31. Jo Anna says

    I think water makes a huge difference in not only my skin, but my mood as well. Dehydrated=cranky!!

  32. Lori says

    Love, love, love my water. I really feel like it makes a huge difference in the way I feel and how much water I retain.

  33. Sandy says

    I didn’t get in on the challenge but I never go anywhere without a water bottle or a glass of water at home. I even take one upstairs and put it on my bedside table. I usually drink all of it by morning! I would love to win the water bottle to take on the road with me. I gave up Diet Coke 7.5 months ago and started carrying a water bottle so I wasn’t tempted to stop for a Diet Coke. I occasionally get headaches if I am dehydrated.

  34. says

    Love this post! I feel so much better when I keep hydrated. I take my Tupperware Water Bottle with me everywhere. I’m glad this challenge helped you feel better. :)

  35. cindy says

    I drink arsenic, chlorinated, toxic water everyday. Its too expensive to afford a good water filter. I would love a purple britta. I hope you pick me.

  36. says

    I’ve been working on my water intake. Some days I do great – others – not so great. But, it’s all about trying, getting better and hoping that I’m moving in the right direction.

  37. SinnerElla says

    I have a tendency to be a hydration (and sustenance) slacker, unless I’m forced to actively think about it. This brings me to my thank you. You have reminded me, almost daily, to hydrate. Often and to the point of bursting some days. Although, the price I pay for holding it in while waiting in the car line at the youngest minion’s school tends to be a bit unhealthy. lol

  38. says

    I go back and forth with my H2O habbit. Sometime I am really good getting up to 96 oz in a day during the week. This will go on for a while and then I’ll fall off an be lucky if I get any in. Even when I am good that does not translate to the weekend. For such a simple taks getting in enough water is a real challenge.

  39. Alycia says

    What a great giveaway! I would soooo love to win this!

    After following along with your challenge, I’ve realized that this is something I need to focus on myself. While I drink water during the day, it is nowhere near what it should be. The awesome pitcher and water bottle would help out so much!

  40. Elizabeth J. says

    I am great at hydrating during the week but am not so great at home on the weekends. I get crabby when i am dehydrated!

  41. Cathy H-S says

    I would love the visual aid in green or purple, prompting me to keep my hydration up. I do better when I’m not bored.

  42. Dynamics says

    I try to drink 6-8 bottles of water a day. Someone just said to buy rubber bracelets and each bottle you drink remove a bracelet. Great idea for some. Me, I put six bottles of water on the top shelve as an “in my face” way of reminding me to drink more water. Does drinking tea count as water consumption? 8 oz of water per cup. hmm, cheating?

  43. says

    Perfect giveaway timing! I have been trying and struggling to drink more water every day. It’s not quite a habit yet, so I keep forgetting, but I’m really working on it! I’m a healthy eater and exerciser, so I need to be a better water-drinker, too!

  44. addy says

    I sadly did not comply…. I used my job as an excuse. While it is true we cannot have water on the floor – we have a few water fountains available for our use. No excuses.

  45. says

    I’m trying to drink water every day – I expect my kids to do it so I need to set an example! I’ve found sugar free flavor packets with few calories to count, and sometimes I add one of those in my water bottle if water is too “boring”. =)

  46. Jessie says

    I LOVE drinking tons of water!!!!!! Unfortunatley where I work the water probably should be filtered before I drink it. I would love you have a Brita system to ensure my water is good before I put it in my body!!!

  47. Gayle says

    I have found drinking water out of a straw makes it easier. I take my “adult sippy cup” with me everywhere. LOL.

    Ps…I work in a daycare hence the sippy cup reference.

  48. says

    congrats! i am doing pretty well with my hydration goal, drinking about 4 refills of my big water bottle while at the office. i can always use a boost – i often wake up feeling thirsty. but i am definitely with you on the obvious results of staying hydrated!

    ps- i love the “mommy merlot” tidbit :)

  49. says

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