The MizFit workout skirts are here!

And, you know, it isn’t as though Ive been talking about them for years now or anything…

wpid 2012 01 31 09.02.22 300x225 The MizFit workout skirts are here!

They currently come with black compression shorts (misfit’ingly revealed in video below).

They currently come with white compression shorts.

wpid 2012 01 31 09.01.58 300x225 The MizFit workout skirts are here!

There’s a pocket (in back) for keys/money/license etc.

wpid 2012 01 31 09.04.46 225x300 The MizFit workout skirts are here!


There’s a slit I LOVE in the front which makes the workoutskirt flattering *and* non-chafing comfy (if you watch any of my videos & most of my photos you can see Im wearing this same skirt sans-pattern.  I adore this skirt).

For your viewing pleasure here’s a 27 second snippet of what the skirt looks like on & in motion:

For your amusement pleasure allow me to elaborate on the video. 

I was all set up with a tripod when the Tornado blew into the room.  It was *early morning* but Ren Man had already left for the office (hence the tripod).

The Tornado was eager to play cameragurl as she’d successfully negotiated this weekend to be paid for any work in sticky hands.

And, while I want to encourage her interest in working/vlogging, I also know she has a tendency to get distracted and let the camera wander.  ALL OVER.

I knew there was a good possibility Id pay sticky hands for a video of our wall and/or kitchen when I wanted the skirt filmed.

So I went topless.

And I learned.

Nothing keeps a six year old girl focused entirely on her subject (the skirt) more than horror at her misfit mother being partially nekid.

You may leave my Mom of the Year trophy on the porch.

You may indicate an interest in pre-ordering a skirt ($50.00 sizes xs through xl)  in the comment section below.  Ordering info. coming after I talk to manufacturer.

You may ask any & all questions (from skirt to sticky hands) in the comments below as well.



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  1. says

    ummmm being an assistant is hard … I’ll be calling the Tornado, we’re going to start a union

    today this is what my bf asked me to do

    “in my archives can you find a photo of a tiger looking directly at the camera?” for the record he has over 20,000 reference photos, said photo was not in the “zoo” file, and it was titled “IMG_0819″ … that deserves two sticky hands if you ask me … or a skirt

  2. says

    These are awesome. My fave words: lift weights, strong, life. I would just draw a line connecting all three.

    Should *cross fingers* be able to pick COLORS. You go purple, I go blue. Win!

    And I heard the Tornado (Go!)

    Pst. My running shorts always have little pockets in the front, I think. Or have I been wearing my shorts backwards the entire time…woops.

  3. Polly says

    You are crazy.
    And smart.

    I would like a skirt but am worried about the fit!!!
    Is an XL really an XL?

  4. Bex says

    Is it terrible that I had no idea running skirts existed and now I feel like I NEED one?? I haven’t been following you for long (obvi), but I need to know more about these… can I preorder, then pimp these? So cute! I mean rockin’. I mean badass!

  5. says

    LOVE the skirts
    I’ve never worn running skirt…think that’ll change :)
    and I wish I had an assistant even if she did wander…alas my teen is a perfectionist and we can’t work well together! lol

  6. Ava says

    I wasn’t ‘sold’ by the photos, but like the skirt in the video.

    You’re too funny with the sticky hands.

  7. Miz says

    Ill have details from the manufacturer today. I do love mine and MORE than anything the *quality* is fantastic and not, uh, *whispers* cafepress like.

    SO many have had great luck with the *whispers* cafepress :-)
    I have not.

  8. little miss muffett says

    If you need an XL you really shouldn’t be wearing a skirt to work out in…at least out in public, do you think?
    skirts are for tennis players And most of them shouldn’t be wearing them either.

    • says

      What does size have to do with fitness, and shouldn’t everyone be working out? Would you rather people sit around and stare at the walls instead of getting out and getting moving? I’m pretty sure most of those tennis players could kick our collective asses, so I’d hardly be commenting on whether or not they “should” be wearing something.

  9. says

    CUTE!!! I love the camera lady & your description of the whole incident! Me, might not matter if I go topless but even small, they hang low with age1 ;-) I know, TMI!

    They look amazing!!!! I might have to wait for more money before buying but I will promote!!!

  10. says

    Oh muffet – you just gave me a brilliant $ saving idea. Use my XL tennis skirts from when I played the #1 position on my team to take my fat arse out for a run in all it’s flowing glory! Plus I have tons of cool colors.

    Miz, I’ll take an XL. I noticed it was not super compression which I don’t care about, BUT does the loose fabric rub rub?

    I love the video, she was so intent on not showing even your back that you can hardly see the hidden pocket demo! Lol.

    Love :)

  11. says

    hahaha! oh my – she did a VERY good job of focusing on the skirt. :) i’ve never worked out in a skirt before, but i can see how it’d be comfortable. the shorts underneath are key!

  12. says

    I wish I could afford to support the tornado/MizFit corporation and I sincerely hope each purchase comes with a complimentary sticky hand. Love them both!!!

  13. says


    Tell me you’ll send to Canada!

    Im probably a medium.

    and you were half nekkid?

    next time tell Tornado to give us a little boobage.

    *grabs dollar bill*

  14. Miz says

    I won’t lie to you. I love the manufacturer but I’m superfrustrated plus isn’t an option. YET.

  15. says

    Filming topless – you are a genius!!! Seriously, I never in a million years would have thought to do that to keep her on track! This is momhero stuff right here. :)

    The skirts are SO CUTE!!!

  16. says

    Oh gosh, I hope there will be plus-sizes available!!! I love love love the design, Carla :) I will totally be ordering at LEAST one.

    … this is a big deal, girl. I don’t show my bare legs for just anything. ;) Hence my 20 year hiatus from shorts.


  17. says

    Sticky Hands. And here I’m going to offer to pay an assistant in a fancy lunch.

    How life changes when your assistants are grown ups (and not living with you).

    Love the skirt.

  18. says

    Hey Ladies,

    Sizing chart to come! Working on that and if Carla wants purple shorts, we can have purple shorts. It will add a couple of bucks to the cost! LMK! LOVING the COMMENTS and THANK YOU! Nic

  19. says

    Wow! The skirts turned out great – even better looking on than when I saw you thinking about the words and everything – the concept is awesome and it’s a flattering look! Love combining that with athleticism. :)

    …FUNNY story about the Tornado and videoing…made me smile. :)

  20. says

    cute! And aren’t you glad you didn’t end up with a video of topless you, talking about a skirt that wasn’t in the shot? ;)

  21. says

    You know I want, want, want one!!!!! I will probably need a L – I think….. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!!!

  22. says

    I love the skirt, but don’t think I’m quite ready for it yet… more weight to lose, also I can’t (don’t?) wear short shorts at the moment – rather long leggings / sweatpants etc.

    Hopefully that will change as some kilograms (pounds) disappear!!!


  23. says

    I WANT!

    Not sure of sizing until the sizing charts are up but I think probably a small with the black shorts. Maybe a medium but depends.

  24. Suzanne @ WorkoutNirvana says

    I don’t run but if it’ll add to my infinite hawtness in the weight room I’m in! Hehe. Not sure about size…small? medium?

  25. says

    Oh it looks like we’re leaving our order in the comments, yes? I want one with the white shorts (yay for contrast!) – probably a medium?

  26. Polly says

    Wearing shorts during workout is nice enough, but those workout skirts add a different flair. The pocket is definitely convenient too. What fabric are the skirt and the compression shorts made of?

  27. says

    Hi I just saw a pic of this skirt on FB and it is awesome…so awesome that I had to Google it and search through a few dud pages to find it! If this is made in a tech/wicking material I’d def be interested. I only run in tights/capris/skorts at present…I have issues with my butt and thighs…lol. Anyways, please let me know the fabric type and if true compression shorts may be an option in the future…purple would be great as well! Thanks!