Fragmented Fila video-shoot thoughts.

We just finished the shoot & I wanted to blog about it while it’s all still fresh in my mind.

Im going bulleted because Im pretty damn braindead for your reading pleasure.

  • Im almost convinced I want to own a flat iron after today.  Actually I do OWN the iron (11 months now), so I guess Im almost convinced I should free it from its plastic packaging.

  • I loved how the make-up looked on camera (holy huge difference! who knew?) but remain convinced Ill never wear it in real life.  It’s the old dogs new tricks thing, I guess.

  •  The Tornado, however, is a different story. She loved the make-up in the videos and would wear it 24/7 if given the choice.  She *LOVED* her some make-up artist time!  (and flat ironing and hair-do do-ing…)

  • Here we are with the artist who made our magic happen.  I adored her.  Not just because of the tattoos–she also agreed it is a fab idea to dye pieces of my hair purple (some day. I was fairly confident Fila would not have been ‘all in favor’ for today’s shoot).

  • From there we went fast, fun & furious.  We shot outside on our deck and somewhere (Ren Man? Fila-Peeps?) there’s great footage of the Tornado industriously blow drying patches of wet wood with a hair dryer.   Methinks she’s gunning to change her moniker to Ren(aissance)  Girl…
  • Did I mention it was *freezing* and damp outside?  The princess Tornado insisted on wearing her royal cape blankey until the last possible moment (smart girl).   The picture below is blurry but I just LOVE the expression on her face.  This experience, for her, was truly jaw-dropping & she wore that expression or a form of it all day.  She savored every minute of the shoot which only made me enjoy it more.


  • The entire shoot focused on my concept of PLAYouts.  On  fitness, fun and familyIt feels fantastic to work with a brand in a capacity that’s so authentic for me.  All of the videos centered around the notion of fitness & healthy living being something *fun* which brings a family together.  It’s brought ours together & Im honored to serve as Fila’s spokesmom & share that message.

And that’s sort of why and where this post trails off.

Zero ‘call to action.’

Lottsa sentence fragments & snippets (lets pretend for the sake of this wrap-up there ever are lovely lilting turns of phrase. thank you).

This girl is home for the rest of the day:

 Our hopscotch grid is already drawn & our President’s Day PLAYout awaits…


I know by the time you read this it will be tomorrow and President’ s Day will be over. This whole post-almost-in-real-time is awkward in that way.  I never know which tense to use…



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    • Miz says

      It’s actually all video although I did confuse the whole matter by posting pictures huh? :)

      The videos will be edited into Fila Fitness Minutes where Im talking about, basically, PLAYING WITH OUR KIDS!

      How that can be fitness for us and fun for them AND healthy living for the whole family :)

  1. Stacey says

    I love your hair made straight!
    Use the iron! Use the iron!

    Is the footage for here?

    I’m happy you had such a nice day.

  2. says

    The Tornado’s expression is priceless. :) Your hair looks awesome flat-ironed. And, I swear I was just thinking that I hadn’t hopscotched in a looooong time. (Kids and I had hula hoop contest for the GRAND CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.) LOL. They certainly make life more fun.

  3. Shelley says

    I love this. You guys look like you’re having so much fun! Can’t wait to see the video. Glad it was such a fun day!

  4. says

    LOVE the fun & pics & Tornado;s cute expressions – sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! You both look beautiful & can’t wait to see the video AND so glad they appreciate you! :-)

    As for color in the hair – LOVE!!!!

  5. addy says

    Purple hair – fun! Playouts with hopscotch and hula hoops – absolutely. Thanks for spreading the “life long fitness” message. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  6. Tess says

    Makeup, flat ironed hair, hopscotch and hula hooping!!!!Education and fitness and FAMILY FUN can be found anywhere you are…..toghether. AWESOME!

  7. says

    cant wait to see final
    and ummm I like you, have a flat iron but yet never use it…mainly cuz it takes forever w/all my hair and my hairs loooong and my arms aren’t long enough to reach to do it all the right way! LOL
    and makeup…what’s that?! 😉

  8. says

    Glad it was a great experience for you! Isn’t it crazy how a *ton* of makeup in real life looks totally ordinary on camera? I don’t know how TV personalities can stand it every single day.

    • MizFit says

      I KNOW! I looked frightening in the mirror and so “normal” on camera.
      Of course the Tornado loved the mirror look on me.
      She loves her some make-up…

  9. says

    What a wonderful way to spend Family Day (yesterday was FD in Alberta; I don’t live there but we celebrate it just the same!)

  10. says

    You ladies look awesome! That sounds like such a cool experience. On the flat iron issue… girl, you’ve gotta set it free!! I have super thick hair which is pretty straight but I still straighten it because it helps it not to feel so big and heavy. It’s a lifesaver – just be sure to use a serum prior to putting it on to protect your hair from the heat. :) Happy Tuesday!

  11. says

    What a fun, meaningful experience! Thanks for sharing it – blurry pictures and all – because you really captured the day! Makes me value what FILA must stand for and certainly brings a smile to my face as I reflect on your day together. :)

  12. says

    Hey there! I tried to send you a message, but it’s not going thru, so I thought I’d just comment…..I just wanted to say a big thank you to your comments on my blog lately! Means sosososo much! For some reason, I was following you, then I wasn’t, but now I am again. Thank the good lawd! I’ve missed you! hehe.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Miz says

      I’ll have copies of the pics (a fellow blogger/photographer came over and snapped some. So. Fun.)
      Fila will edit the videos & use on their site for Fila Fitness Minutes with yer SpokesMom MizFit (!)

      Not sure when but sadly I shall foist all the info upon you 😉 as soon as I have it

  13. says

    Love it! The Tornado is such a beauty! You two look completely at peace with enjoying each other.

    And go for the purple hair, it’s hot! 😉

  14. says

    I am so glad for you that you have a chance to work with your kid. Play = Work in this case. My eldest is about to move away to college and I’m relishing almost all of our moments together.

  15. marcie says

    Free your flat iron and let us know how it goes. Can’t bring myself to do it – but the child says I should. Then again sleep is such a valuable commodity these days!
    To beautify or sleep – sleep wins every time.

  16. says

    So glad it went well. Hope the rest of your play day was just what you expected. Loved that the Torando loved it too!!!! You are just amazing!!!

  17. says


    I hear ya. I have a flat iron. I know how to work the makeups. I’m much more of a fan of either sleeping in or getting my sweat on in the morning instead of looking pretty for the geeks I work with.

    I can’t wait to see the offical pictures!

  18. says

    So glad it was such a great day for all of you!!! Can’t believe how big the Tornado is getting!!! I think as they are approaching 1st Grade (I know, I know, it’s still a while…), they are suddenly growing up a whole lot!

    And I would totally use a flat iron IF someone did it for me! :) I have had one for years and used it exactly once (and not very well…).

    Looking forward to the video!

  19. says

    So glad the Tornado had such a good time too! 😉 You guys both look fabulous. I am totally with you on the not wearing any make up in real life thing. I am clueless on what to do! :-)

  20. says

    In life’s memories, the Tornado will not remember the day of school she missed. But she will remember the big adventure with make-up, mommy, video, camera crew, playouts, and wearing a blankie outdoors. Education takes place everywhere! Glad you and she got to have this fun!

  21. says

    Congrats! Looks like lots of fun. I do love my flat iron. I’ve been moving away from using it a lot, but it is so awesome when I have time to take time and use it.

  22. says

    Oh wow!! Tornado just glows! She looks beautiful on the outside yes, but it’s like she’s illuminated from within:) And you look great as well – you two are so beautiful together! Can’t wait to see the finished product!