MizFit on TV talkin’ about PLAYouts.

While I wasn’t too into the whole Austin’s Fittest Moms photo-shoot idea—-I am really appreciating the opportunity to share with other moms how important it is to GET OUT AND PLAY with our children.

Sure normal person traditional exercise is has its place, Ive just found the afternoons I spend with the Tornado being SILLYactive are some of our best times together.

(If youre checking in via a reader there is a newsclip/video below)

Austin’s most fit moms keep a balance: kxan.com


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  1. Nancy says

    SO CUTE and really true when you say that you did not want fitness to be something which took you away from your daughter.

    You are so wise.

  2. says

    Yay!! Love the video :) I think the most wonderful benefit of my daily exercise plan, is that my girls see it and want to join me!! My oldest may be a runner and I never knew it. She begged and begged for me to take her running the other day, so I did, along with a friend’s son and my other daughter. We set out at a 10 minute/mile pace (which I’m happy with!) which the littler ones could keep up with and my 9 year olds says, “I thought we were going to go faster than this”. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to ride my bike along side her 😉

  3. says

    How fun to see both of you in the clip, doing it together. It looked like the Tornado was enjoying herself, too. Wow, what good habits AND good memories this is building for her. :-)


  4. Meredith says

    Very cute Miz.

    And this spoke to me. My marathon training takes me away from the twins. They SIT while I exercise.

    Food for thought for sure.

  5. says

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be like you when I grow up! :-) You do it right & yes Carla, time will fly by & before you know it, they are grown so you are doing it right!

  6. says

    That was so cool! I loved seeing your daughter do the workout. I need to start doing that with my kids. I’m so excited that we are buying a big boxing bag for Xmas. I can’t wait to teach them on that. I wonder if I’ll be raising some Irish scappers. LOL

  7. Jeannabeana says

    Awesome! My daughter, “the hurricane” as my nephew and I refer to her as, loves to workout with her mom as well. She loves it!

  8. says

    Yesssss! Busy moms can be healthy and fit! That’s what I’m discovering as I navigate this same challenge. Fitness is a family event for us and I love discovering ways to make our workouts…er…”playouts” fun and effective for all of us, despite our ages ranging from 2 to 37. Keep up the great work!

  9. says

    I was hanging out with some of my friends kids the other night and I decided I can’t wait to have toddlers so I can get out and run around and go crazy with them!! There’s a lot of sprinting involved! Tabata’s got nothing on having kids!

  10. says

    Such a happier picture than the image of a bunch of kids sitting slack-jawed in front of the television, or playing those those stupid “active” Wii games.

  11. says

    Finding time for a workout and finding time to spend time with your child is not an easy task but incorporating both is really fun. Working out with your child not only makes you both fit but also gives you quality time together.

  12. says

    I really enjoyed your site. I am a personal trainer and love seeing families leading healthy lifestyles.