PLAYouts: Doing the sprinkler.

Juggling is NOT my gift.


To know me is to be aware—especially in the summer—we try really, really, really hard never to WORKout.


Life is too short (and the summer, to my chagrin, too too fleeting) to allow exercise to be yet another arena where we have to toil.  Where we’re forced to (fingerquote) work (unFQ).

As a result, Ive chosen to morph the bulk of my fitness into fun.

I’ve decided I’d much rather laugh & play with the Tornado than force my workouts to fit a traditional mold. (shocking I realize. Im so traditional in all other realms, right?)

Ive talked about our playouts on television.

Ive rambled and ranted waxed eloquently about them in my role as Fila Spokesmom.

And, as with all things my blog, this isn’t just a post it’s how I live.

And, as with all things my LIFE, I wanna drag you into the playout fray & share the three reasons we adore them:

  • PLAYouts transform fitness into something which brings us TOGETHER.   To my dismay Im super excited the Tornado is finding her own way in the world.  And, as she does, we have more & more individual pursuits.  As a result we both value our playout time because it’s family time with the added bonus of fitness.
  •  It’s plain ole FUN.  The Tornado is technically at the age where we could do traditional sports together (I know. I stumbled a bit even *typing* the word traditional), but I’ve decided to follow her lead.  She still wants our time together to be movement of the silly playful, variety and not the ‘formal”  organized sort (hello apple! youve not fallen far from tree).
  •  It allows her to be the expert.  This facet has become more important the older she’s become.  Six rocks & yet six entails lots of being bossed around (hello kinder!) and many new boundaries, rules and regulations.  When we playout she’s typically the one in charge.  She makes up the games, creates the rules, & shows me how it’s all done.   Being the expert—no matter our age—is empowering.

All of this is on my mind today (or more aptly put *tonight* as I birthday-night-blog freeform) because the Tornado seized our day together to teach me a dance she’d learned at camp.

It was 100 degrees outside & I was more than happy to remain indoors and watch her.

I was wrong.

There was to be no watching involved.

She demanded I get the video camera.

She instructed me to film her & then she’d film me.

I am the one whose 43 year old core is already *sore* from “sprinkling.”

Please to enjoy:

Your 30 second instructional video:


Your insight into my awkward dance moves & weak core:


Yep. That’s it.

That’s all there is to it.

You in?

Joining us?

We’d love it.



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  1. Healthy Mama says

    You had me when you said you were ready to watch her dance.
    I try and be so playful but lately I have been watching a lot.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. says

    You are so much fun. I love the idea of playouts. While I’m not a mother (maybe one day) I’d love to be like you! You have an amazing relationship with your daughter and make your healthy life together fun.

  3. says

    I was just doing the sprinkler with my boys in the driveway yesterday!! Not sure what the neighbors think (I’m crazy!) but we sure had a great time! :)

  4. says

    Holy cow, this just made my day. You’re daughter is adorable, and she has an incredible mom. That girl will have no issues growing up. :) Now off to go practice my sprinkler skills…

  5. says

    There are days that you both inspire me and fill me with regret. And this is one of those – I love-to-my-very-core the gift you are giving The Tornado. Not the fitness, which is great in and of itself, but the whole self-acceptance thing. There will be rough spots for her, for sure, but with this base, this foundation – she’s ready for all challenges.

    The regret part comes in that I wasn’t wise enough at the time to do the same for my daughter – who is pretty darned terrific on her own merits.

    • Miz says

      your comment makes me think a few things:
      first thank you for your kind words.
      I PRAY (literally) that she will find self love and acceptance as she grows—some days…many days…this all feels like a crapshoot :)

      and no regrets. it’s as you say: SHES PRETTY DARN TERRIFIC.
      that is a reflection of your terrificnessment.

  6. Nelda says

    I like how this is about more than fitness. You are empowering.

    More girls need that, Miz.

  7. Drazil says

    Happy Birthday a day late babe. I am honored to have been a part of your life and call you friend. And seriously? Can Tornado be any cuter? I mean really? How in the world do you ever say no to her? LOL

  8. says

    She is just too darn cute. I love your approach to staying healthy & fit…but you know this already because i tell you all the time!

  9. says

    OK- first – a star is being born! I have no doubt we will see much more of Tornado in the far future! :-) She will be teaching many all the things she learned from you by way of your just teaching by example! LOVE!

    Now – those videos – LOVE!!!! When she says here is MOMMY & I love mommy – that is better than anything – but the whole thing rocks! :-)

    As for Roxie – yes, I have regrets as well BUT I have to accept & move on & that is what I try to do each day even though those regrets are still there…

  10. says

    First off- hope you had a fantastic birthday :)
    Second- the way she introduces you? Oh my gosh- save that forever. Adorable.

  11. says

    Now that’s some moving! I really love this whole concept and I think it’s one that SO many people/families can use for better health and togetherness. Cheers to the play out!

  12. says

    Thanks for the smile this morning! Now I am off to figure out how to get my PLAYout on without a chid to inspire them. Seems trickier somehow.

  13. says

    OMG…I just HAD to get up and try The Sprinkler as soon as I finished watching Tornado!! It was so much fun and it worked out some kinks that I had in my back! Thanks Tornado!

  14. says

    This totally counts as a DANCE move… and it’s a workout! I love the sprinkler and knew how to do it before i watched the very cool instructional video. Although my form is no where as good as the both of yours. Nice.

  15. says

    loved the Tornado’s instruction! Very good sprinkler form.
    But yours came out a little freaky-deaky. You many wanna demonstration that to your hubs. ha!

  16. says

    Nice job! I love incorporating ‘workouts’ into fun and fit activities – because if I say ‘workout’ to my 12 year its an automatic ‘no’.

  17. says

    That. Is. AWESOME! I love your idea of “playouts.” When my husband and I went on vacation with family, we did a lot of playouts. Hiking and horseback riding and more hiking and group running… So much more fun than the gym!

  18. amberdryad says

    That is the greatest move ever!! Who knew using your obliques could be such a blast! Soo adding that to my yoga flows and classes. It’ll be great with our Limping Camel! Thanks, Tornado! :)

  19. says

    aw I loved this post! As someone said earlier you really are setting such a great positive foundation for your daughter. I wish that more children had a chance at receiving that same foundation. Having a positive self image is so important. I also think it’s interesting because people debate about the benefit of resistance training and age range and the need for structured exercise for children. At such a young age she doesn’t need anything structured because she is doing it naturally. Instead of spending her life in front of a TV she is out there enjoying life to the fullest :-)Love the Love!

  20. Healthy Mama says

    What happened with the Fila Spokesmom videos with you and the Tornado?
    Did I miss those?

  21. says

    AWESOME! I LOVE keeping it FuN & this was super entertaining! Thanks to both of you for sharing your fabulosity! :o)