OM making changes.

DiZclaimer: This post is long & navel-gazing. Consider this yer warning to grab a snack & settle in or CLICK AWAY! CLICK AWAY! You decide.


On May the 6th at 915 I made a decision and I over-shared.

I wasnt yet a right angle—but I felt it coming on.

I also felt overwhelmed with brain-stuff (work, end of school year activities, planning for summer worktime & playtime) and *struggled* to turn my mind off at night.

As much as I longed to ignore it–my heart was telling me I needed yoga.

Not a yoga DVD.

Not a few downward dogs on my own.

I knew in my core (literal & figurative) I needed a yoga class in a structured, guided setting.

I kind of hate the classes.  They tend to stress me out.  My workout time is at the asscrack of dawn quite early & classes feel like an intrusion on my work-day.

My hamstrings and low-back **insisted** I needed this intrusion.

I announced.  I committed.  I was skeptical I’d follow through.

I hoped I would. I knew I needed it.  I still was uncertain.

Enter New Balance’s Anue yoga line.

It was right around this time they reached out and offered to send me a selection of apparel.  And, quite frankly, had it not been, Id probably have passed.

Im in the place of striving for LESS STUFF not more.

Im paring down and passing along opportunities to others who might be a better fit.

Intellectually I  knew what I wore to yoga class wasnt  really important.  ANYTHING I owned would do.

I said yes to the items below quickfastandinahurry. 

Im a misfit.  Im not very zen. Im a weights-woman.  I possess the balance of a drunken frat boy. 

Whether it was entirely unnecessary or not I WANTED to have the proper external trappings for yoga given the fact I knew during a daytime class Id have the internal, decidedly NOT zen monkey-mind going.

I received the treats (so so so grateful for them).

I mentally committed to a yoga class that afternoon.

I out-loud announced my plan to the only other awake person in the domicile: The Tornado.

She looked at me quizzically (in her inimitable six year old way) & immediately informed me there was no need for a class.  She would teach me yoga.

Right then. In her pajamas. At 5 in the morning.

The pictures below were all orchestrated by her. 

The yoga sequence below made me realize, yet again, how frequently the best cure for my frazzle & the stress and the MIND OF A MONKEY comes simply from making the conscious choice to stop and be present.


Box O'New Balance TREATS.



"Do this!!"


"Mama why you so STILL?!"




"0ooh I like!"


"Annnd open!"



"Feels nice!"

"And now relax. Do this."




(I realize this post is already too long.  More than you’d ever want to know about my return to yoga is coming soon.)

My question for you today is a simple one:

Have you ever felt the need for “proper apparel” for a fitness endeavor?  Did it feel to you—as it did to me–a sort of ‘fake it till you make it’ at least I’ll appear ZEN look “right” sort of thing?

Or are you one who struts into every fitness situation knowing you own it &  proper apparel be damned?



These are the items pictured above: Dipped dress in blue. Soaring shell in purple.  Crop pant.  I wholly, completely and utterly loved all of them.  I covet them in their other colors now, too.  Comfy, quality breathable fabrics, amazing cut/style.  Questions on fit, sizing etc? HIT ME UP BELOW.

FTC the Anue clothing was free. The opinions & yoga-craziness are all my own.


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  1. says

    A. We really are alike.
    B. Your child is incredibly cute.
    C. Yes, I am the master of “fake it till you make it” and that includes clothing.
    D. I’m frequently too lazy to actually put on the clothing that helps me fake it, so I end up in old sweats and t-shirts anyway.

  2. Tina says

    I am 100% a fake it till I make it woman, too.
    That’s why I own so much running gear LOL

    I loved this post and that Soaring shell!

  3. says

    i am presently re-beginning weight loss from my highest-ever point BUT i have certainly attempted everything from mountain hikes to whitewater rafting… as well as a range of classes with friends and i am sad to admit that each and EVERY rendezvous with a new workout was preceded by a small shopping spree. every. single. one.

  4. Runner Girl says

    I would do yoga if I had such a fun teacher.
    Can you really do the head stand stuff or are you use the wall???

    • Miz says

      I can!! it is my one and only gift. call me headstand to lotus position mcgee. it’s all I gots :)

  5. says

    I love the Tornado!!!

    Yes I feel when I “dress” the part I feel better & do better in classes. But I refuse to buy anything new until I lose some more postbaby weight :)

  6. says

    Gaaaahhh the cuteness! Love the gear too. And such a good reminder re the being present-ness. So does this mean no classes since you have your own private instructor? :)

  7. Runner Girl says

    I ordered that Shell top in black.
    Online shopping is bad for me :) good for Anue.

  8. Nettie says

    The photograph where you say “oh I like” you can already do that?

    I checked out the dipped dress.
    I love that in purple.

  9. says

    Wow! Your daughter is really good!!! How stinkin’ cute is she?
    Yes, proper apparel is key, especially on a long run (can’t stand when things creep up or if anything is hanging out) Good clothing is a MUST.

  10. says

    I am a firm believer in wearing clothes that make me feel good about whatever activity I’m going to do – I like things that fit well and don’t distract from the workout. Plus cuteness is a huge factor. Those tops are super cute, as is the Tornado – that girl has mad yoga skilz!

  11. Healthy Mama says

    Interesting thought.
    I wear the right apparel and convinced myself it is for the sport, but now you have me wondering if it is a costume of sorts for me as well.

    I want that purple top.
    The neck is like an asian collar right?

  12. says

    I have to have the right clothes – I am so unconfident in classes that I need to look like I might have a clue… Ohhh and then I hide in the back 😉

  13. Sara says

    I do need to blend in attire-wise as right now with 50 pounds to lose it is the only way I blend. :/

  14. says

    Oh my goodness! You two could be ninjas with your yoga moves! Very cool. I had no idea NB made such cool yoga clothes. I’ll have to check them out….I wear New Balance running shoes exclusively and have for years.

  15. says

    Yes! For workouts I think it is important to feel good about yourself while you are working out. I learned years ago that a ratty t-shirt fed into my “fat slob” image while cute outfits helped draw out that inner smile. This applies to other areas of life as well. In college I used to try to look good during exams instead of making it obvious that I had pulled an all-nighter. Fixing my hair and putting on clothes that I felt good about gave me an extra bit of confidence to tackle the tests. Of course I have “power suits” for certain work events, but even when my meetings are teleconferences I tend to feel stronger when I’m happy with my outfit – whether its a dresy dress or jeans!

  16. says

    Love those photos! I am with you on the hamstrings and lower back. And with my (still newish) job standing, my back is often still aching and yoga seems to be the only thing that provides any relief. Unlike you though, I am a fan of classes. I’m so much more motivated than trying to do something like that on my own. I don’t much worry about what I wear, but I take yoga at my local community center and there are people wearing all sorts of things, and none are too stylish. Although now that I work for a store which sells a lot of cute yoga stuff, I do wonder if I shouldn’t walk the talk.

  17. says

    Your daughter is amazing! That’s awesome! :)

    Queen of fake it to you make it here! I think the right clothes put me in the right frame of mind. However, when I do yoga at home I’m mostly in my pj’s!

    • Miz says

      ME TOO. And call me intuitive but I just knew :-) my Nick & Nora dog-print pjs weren’t proper attire. Zen-mind or not.

  18. says

    I want all of this. It looks so perfect for the job. Doesn’t hurt that it is awfully pretty too! And I’ve been feeling the need for yoga lately. I’m pretty sure that I’m asking for a one month membership to the local place for my birthday since they have some really basic beginner classes. Consider me inspired. xo

    • Miz says

      good question. they are upscale cotton but do resemble THIN sweatpants material.

      For HOT TX I found OK for yoga etc with a loose top.

      Not good for HOT yoga :-)

  19. says

    LOVE THE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE! Me, it is not so much the clothing but other things that stop me. Yes, a bit of fear for yoga since I am used to being good at what I do now. BUT Carla, as with my post today, not only weight hormones BUT the bod is fighting me too. I have told you that privately & I think yoga will help. I need to but got to find the $$ to get there. The gym ones are.. well, let’s just say I rather go to a private one….

    I have no yoga clothes but that is not what is stopping me although it may push me if I had them! 😉

    • cheryl says

      You can find $4.00 yoga classes-and once a week that’s cheap! You can do yoga in lifting clothes for sure. Don’t need the “fancy schmancy” stuff!

  20. says

    i often feel like a misfit when i’m working out in my $5 shorts and a t shirt and everyone else is wearing lululemon…seems silly but i can’t help it. one of the reasons i like working out at home instead of going to the gym like I used to :)

  21. Meredith says

    I saw you tweet an Anue yoga top earlier this week in black.

    I got that and a mustard color.

    (I loved Ren Man’s comment too LOL)

  22. says

    Tornado is tooo cute and you’re rocking the outfits!
    I wear whatever…only ‘real’ workout clothing I have are the ones brands have sent me to review :)

  23. says

    I’m a runner. shoes are CRUCIAL. also? I’d really like to don a chef’s jacket and one of those sweet hats like the Swedish Chef, but I fear I’d never remove them from my person.

  24. says

    I love New Balance’s Anue line. They sent me a yummy box a while back and I wear the heck out of their Bodhi pant plus have bought a bunch of gear on top of it. This line GETS me.

  25. says

    Having been through the same machinations about yoga (and the clothes) I have come to a place where random yoga poses and stretches are just part of my day (and part of my kettlebell workouts) and it’s working for me.

  26. says

    The Tornado is amazing!!! I need to take her class!

    Yoga always gives me an amazing feeling of peace within my body and mind <3

    I know when I first started on my journey to Health and Fitness, I had to take a trip to the mall and actually buy gym attire (and sneakers!). I didn't have much that would make me look like I'd ever been to the gym before lol. I felt good knowing I actually had something meant for the activity I was doing! I remember being really excited about my very first pair of training gloves!

    I actually don't think I have one piece of clothing solely designed for Yoga (my pants are too long for Hot Yoga so I wear knee length leggings or running shorts and I put on whatever tank top I come across in my drawer lol)! I have a mat, it's yellow , it has blue butterflies on it and it makes me happy! I work with what I have :)

    Your posts are always so thought-provoking, thank you!

  27. Lynne says

    I find I am the same way.

    Give me any other sort of dvd & I’m a happy woman.
    With Yoga I need a class, too.

    Make time for it Miz.

  28. says

    Way back (and I mean way, way back) when I was doing aerobics videos at home (boy did I just date myself), I had a killer wardrobe (leg warmers, headbands, butt floss leotards :-)) I felt that getting dressed appropriately was motivating and would inspire me to keep it up. It did.

    When I started running, I managed to accumulate a huge collection of cute running outfits. Same thing for cycling.

    Now that I’m a little older, and maybe, wiser and more confident, I have a small collection of yoga outfits (although I wouldn’t say no to any freebie anyone wanted to offer :-)). I have running shorts that are a few years old, and I can’t remember the last time I bought a cycling jersey.

    I still like to look good, I just don’t keep up with the jones anymore. It’s not as important (and when you have 3 or 4 sports it gets a little expensive!).

  29. says

    I am definitely of the “fake it till you make it” variety. Don’t know why but I guess I feel like if I at least have the proper attire, it will somehow tell my body what to do. I LOVE Tornado’s yoga sequence. Amazing. I love watching my kids do yoga with me. They are so adorable-stretchy-bendy little things.

  30. says

    New Balance has yoga-wear? I’m digging it!! You look great and so glad you are back into and enjoying the benefits of yoga! The more I do the more I love and the more I change.

  31. says

    I TOTALLY get the wanting to look the part bug! I try not to let it overtake me, since I get overwhelmed with too much stuff, but sometimes looking the part helps you feel the part, too. I’m a FIRM believer in fake it til you make it! :)

  32. says

    I learned early on that a baggy T-shirt is not the proper fashion choice for yoga unless you want everyone to see downward dog boobies.

  33. Laurie says

    LOL at Gail.

    I am one who wants the garb.

    Which leads me to ask: do you need leggings under the dipped dress??

  34. says

    I do tend to wear “activity appropriate” clothes, but mostly because it just feels better doing wearing it and I’m not spending time adjusting clothes that don’t quite feel right!

  35. says

    Love the Tornado’s yoga sequence!
    Yet another reminder that everything we need, we already have!

    And yes, I love to dress the part when I work out! None of my other clothes (you know, the ones that you wear when you’re not working out or thinking about working out) make me feel as good about myself as my yoga capris and stretchy tank tops!

    Love the workout wear on your bod!

  36. says

    No ownership, more like slinking in, as i wear what i have because there is no budget for more. Simply have to go anyway and if others judge me by the fact that i’m not dressed “right”, it’s them, not me, i’m doing my best.

  37. says

    First off, I love that yoga teacher you had. Does she teach anywhere?

    I love fitness clothes. I feel the most beautiful when I’m in comofortable clothes that allow me to do what I want. These clothes look like they gave you the inspiration to take that step back into yoga.

    Hopefully it helps you come back down to us. :)

  38. says

    AWESOME — i need YOGA in my life more. I’m an at-homer because it works better into my schedule. This may be the nudge i need… does your daughter do classes? Can she commute to San Francisco?

    also, rock star arms… holy hell!

  39. says

    I like having the proper clothing for the activity, but I don’t feel like it’s required. It does help you look the part though – which I love!

    I’m going to join you on your over-sharing of workouts – smart lady. :)

  40. says

    For the most part, if it’s moisture wicking, I’m all set. However, I do own a sweet pair of yoga pants that I scored from TJ Maxx and I love the fabric and the way that I move in them…

  41. says

    I did not see your navel even once in those pics so how can we gaze as you suggest? I think if the clothes work with you, not against you, then it makes a lot of difference. New Balance is a high quality brand and they have been making some truly tremendous stuff, so I think you were right to tie the outfit to the exercise. I always tell my students at the start of each quarter that if they can’t move safely, comfortable, effectively and without embarrassing themselves, then their clothes are a hindrance. So I think the NB outfits (which look very adorable on you) had magic powers.

  42. says

    I started with just “too big” old clothes at the gym, but decided a few years in that I had put in the work, so I deserved some proper, new, sweat-wicking, workout clothes that didn’t come from a thrift store. Now, I will spend $$ on workout wear, and rarely buy any other gear until I realize I’m in great need.

    I’ve found that on a day I’m feeling not myself but have to venture out anyway, I either pick something insanely comfortable, or something that makes me just feel like I look hot. I definitely take care to costume myself properly for the day!

  43. cheryl says

    I wear my running/lifting clothes to yoga. Who cares what I have on-plus I can’t afford the Lululemon all the college girls have on. But half of them can’t do 3 wheels in a row. DON’T care (never did) what I wore as I started running in men’s shorts and shoes with t-shirts. Sure didn’t (and doesn’t) affect MY performance!

  44. says

    The girl has skilllzzzz.
    I didn’t even know New Balance made yoga-wear!
    I love all things fitness fashion..I don’t know if it’s so much about proper apparel as I just have a passion for it. Maybe from years of hiding in big t-shirts?

  45. says

    I usually wait forever to invest in anything that is ‘right’ for whatever activity it is that I am currently doing. I kind of embrace the fact that I don’t give a darn about fitting in. And honestly, I’ve never really looked at what others are wearing for said activities. Unless, it’s a lovely dance dress…then I’d probably notice.
    On the other hand, there have certainly been times when I did finally get some good equipment for an activity and then wondered why it took me so long as it really did work a whole lot better.
    It’s really about what works for you. If it helps, I say go for it.
    Love the attitude of The Tornado. She seems to have the ability to embrace any activity with gusto!

  46. says

    Your lovely little Tornado Yogini sure knows how to pose, she’s awesome!
    When I started going to the gym, I HAD to wear Lululemon. Tops, sweaters, bras, and pants..I felt like that’s what I was “supposed to wear”. LOL Funny because now I could care less about the name or the cost, it’s all about the comfort :) Great post btw! Yay for yoga!

  47. says

    The “workout” clothes make all the difference to me…I find if I throw on the yoga pants or workout outfit (only have 2 pair) it truly motivates me to get moving or sit with myself…

    Can’t explain it…just does

  48. says

    Gorgeous clothes. Amazing little girl!

    I always feel like a fake at yoga. Nevermind that I’m a runner. Nevermind that I lift weights. I feel completely frumpy and out of shape when I go to yoga. I’d totally have grabbed at that clothes.

    And I’m so with you on the balance of a drunken frat boy. Oh, yes.

  49. Tarah says

    I am the master of fake it till I make it.
    I think I’ve kept LULU in business.

    LOVE the purple top.

  50. says

    Usually, I don’t care. But when I did my first 5k, I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable. So I guess it shouldn’t matter that we look the part, but sometimes we feel like we want to have the right clothing just be comfortable. 😉

  51. says

    Oh gosh, yes. My first time doing a bike race (it was a 65 miler), I felt SO out of place. I had the bike shorts and cycling jersey. But my bike wasn’t expensive and I didn’t have all the other “gear” that bikers have. I felt like I didn’t fit in and watched all the other bikers enviously as they rode around on their $5,000+ bikes.
    I felt like I was posing =)
    Great post, Carla. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

    • cheryl says

      I have been cycling for over 30 years and have never had a $5000 bike-it’s about the motor, not the machine! (You DO have clip in pedals though I hope!) :-)

  52. says

    I totally need the gear, even when I’m not good. I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone this spring and signed up for a belly dancing class. Bear in mind, I have all the natural grace of a reeling toddler. But I also am now the proud owner of 4 hip scarves and a tank top that reads “Shut Up and Shimmy”.

    And you know… it’s not going too badly! Sometimes it just helps to dress the part :)

  53. says

    I can just picture my 53 year old pot bellied body doing some of those things. It would be comic relief to say the least.

  54. says

    Ok, what am I doing wrong? No one sends me cool stuff??!!!

    Love the pictures :)

    Sport bra is really the only “must have” lol

  55. Mary Anne in Kentucky says

    After almost thirty years of yoga, plus a very physical job, I don’t think I own anything I can’t do yoga in. Some things, like dresses I would wear to weddings, I couldn’t do it in public and meet modesty standards, but I could flex comfortably. I’m all about the comfort, not the looks.

    I don’t want any of those yoga clothes half as much as I want the Tornado’s pajamas! I do hope she grows up to teach yoga, because she’s already Got It.

  56. says

    Wow I love the photos, it is too cute how she can be your mini you. Also those clothes look comfy. I should stop running and only do yoga (jk) but it does have better fashion.

  57. says

    I think clothes can go a long way in helping me feel confident, esp if I’m a little nervous about trying new things. You know me – I love to be kitted out;) That said, there are times when i worry about looking too much the part – and that people will expect me to be better than I am. Ahhh… anxiety.