Today we are paying our rent.

In light of all the Hurricane Sandy devastation Ive bumped today’s MizFit skirt giveaway post to next week. The Tornado & I spent last night chatting about doing unto others & thats 100% where my head is right now.


The Tornado & I frequently talk about giving, volunteering, & the importance of doing unto others.

While I’ve made the conscious choice to say as little as possible (& simply walk the walk) as she gets older she’s more filled with questions and wanting discussions.

I always return my my parents by way of example.

Growing up I watched them work tirelessly to help others. They marched-walked-picketed-protested-donated-volunteered and never merely gave lip-service to a cause they believed in.

Ive shared on all my social media platforms and in real life here more than a few times how much I adore the age of six.

The Tornado grasps more than I even give her credit for & is able to participate in my ‘grown-up’ activities in ways she couldnt even last year.

As a result, we’re taking a little field-trip today after school.

We’re trying something new & something which I plan to make a weekly excursion.

We’re making today’s rent paying service simple, small and yet I hope powerful.

We are bringing some money to the Dollar Store, purchasing all the socks, sunscreen, bandaids, Neosporin, & anti-bacterial gel we can afford and compiling ziplock bags with one of each inside.

That way the next time we see someone at the side of the road who sparks a “S/he’s hungry Mama. That’s so so sad” we have a bag* assembled and ready.

Last night when she & I planned this she asked if we could bring our “socks and stuff” to people today.

So, if all transpires as planned, she & I will take a little trip around Austin after we create our bags and before we trick or treat.

We’re making time on this day of ringing doorbells & demanding treats to do unto others.

And yeah, I wanna drag you all into the proverbial fray.

(if youre feeling too frazzled this week please to note a new University of Pennsylvania study showed performing altruistic acts boots ones sense of efficiency and makes it feel as though hours have been added to the day.)


  • What small but powerful act might you do this week which would make someone elses life a bit easier?


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Bag #1



A friend who volunteers in a TX homeless shelter said these are items residents repeatedly mention they need. Calling your local shelter may generate a different list.



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