Did you buy a MizFit workout skort?

603441 10151343783599466 144330632 n1 300x300 Did you buy a MizFit workout skort?

YEP. I bought this one!

I have the opportunity to git a skirt-mention on a pretty big website and would LOVE to feature *you.*

If youre so inclined (be inclined! be inclined!) email me a photo Im allowed to share of you wearing the skort.

(Yes you may crop out your face etc if you choose, but you know me I say LEAVE IT IN.  You never know where things may lead in life…)

Carla at Carla Birnberg dot com

What’s that? You didnt get a skirt yet? Still planning, waiting & juggling funds?

Stay tuned. 

There’s a give away coming this week.



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