Im declaring independence from…

For the past thirteen years our July 4th celebration has been a hothothot affair.

We’ve attended an AMAZING neighborhood parade:

wpid DSC 0223 Im declaring independence from...

it’s jaw-dropping.

One which took place at the CRACK OF DAWN, but was still scorching:

IMG00710 1 1 197x300 Im declaring independence from...

note the JOY on her face.

At the end of said parade there was a carnival of sorts.

A sweaty affair where children & adults frolicked in joy and delight:

IMG00719 1 225x300 Im declaring independence from...

Mr. Joy and Ms. Delight

The event was sweltering—and at times a beating for big people types (what is it with kids & being semi-impervious to heat?!)–but it was our tradition!

wpid 2012 07 04 09.24.19 Im declaring independence from...

she happy. I hot.

Until this year.

The past few days Ive found myself looking backward and rereading old life chapters.

Texting Austin friends and asking if they’re going to our parade again this year & inquiring what their *specific* plans are.

All of which spiraled into a much needed reminder Im home now.

Oakland is my new home

Ive made it my own and it’s time to start traditions here.

For me and for the heat-impervious Tornado (I cant lie. Right now Im GRATEFUL to have escaped the Texas heat).

Today Im off to celebrate Independence Day and also to declare INDEPENDENCE from old traditions and routines.

Im creating the new and declaring it—whatever “it” ends up being—ENOUGH & not COMPARING to experiences past.

A year ago—when I had no clue a huge move loomed on the horizon—Id have thought this “challenge” an easy one.

365 days later Im all too aware how *hard* it is to declare independence from ANYTHING let alone ingrained routines and traditions.

And with that Im off.

Lighter & feeling free as a result of SHEDDING the weight of old crap stuffs.


  • Whether you are American or merely in need of a change—what might YOU declare independence from today?



Comments are closed. Please to take any time you’d spend commentcreating & SPEND IT ON YOU. Stop, ponder, and *write down* what you’re declaring independence from.  Take it from a misfit who knows: the act of placing pen to paper trumps a virtual comment any day. xo




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