Getting (Eggland’s) FRESH with the Husband.

I am the Eggland’s Best EGG’vangelist and the below is a sponsored post.  The fact I’ve stolen the Child, run away to NYC & left the Husband to food-fend for himself is all my own.

eggland's best egg


Dear Husband,

At this point I’m hoping you’ve noticed the Tornado and I are gone.

Not to worry. 

We are merely galavanting around New York City taking some meetings in the City Which Never Sleeps (hence my bringing our child. she fits right in!) and shall return soon.

Since she & I tend to be the ones most EGGcited about food prep and planning — we wanted to leave you with tips to sustain you in our absence.

  • The plush orb above is your friend.  Do not panic if you discover him under the covers or hidden around the house.  The Tornado highly suggests you sleep with him under your pillow.  She insists if you do—you’ll receive EGGsactly what you dream about.
  • We will, indeed, be home soon.  That said, we’re aware of your penchant for pizza.  In our absence we’ve decided this STUNNING salad topped with a poached egg would would be your perfect pizza (re)‘placement.  We’ve even planned for your poaching is haaard response.

how to poach egg

  • The child is also convinced you cannot be trusted when it comes to expired foods (something about a sniff test and a bad experience?).   She went over my head, contacted my boss (!), procured you a primer and asked me to remind you to check the egg-dates:

Sell by OR best by means the tattooed-ovals can be used up to 30 days past that date.

Best before means eat! eat! within 14 days of that date.

  •  I reminded her we more had to worry about your DIET getting old, boring and STALE in our absence.  That Eggland’s recently won an AWARD for freshness and that from the moment the eggs are laid, until they reach the store, it’s 72 hours!

eggland's best eggs

More than anything just know we miss you.

We are thinking of you.

And we PINKY SWEAR if we do storm the Eggland’s New Jersey headquarters spreading our childlike EGGthusiasm we will, indeed, PAUSE and bEGG them to manufacture this for you:


Until then—have fun!

In freshness, frolicking and always EGGScitement,




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  1. says

    yay, EGGS! i am glad that they are finally getting rid of the bad rap they had been getting. you could say that they’ve BEATEN the rap…
    time to SCRAMBLE our posse and go POACH some nay-sayers. in no time we’ll be able to hog-FRY them to the nearest tree. as for those who remain skeptical?
    “Let them eat QUICHE~!” – Marie EGGtoinette-


  2. Runner Girl says

    Just seeing those chocolate eggs makes me want sweet eggs for dessert today.

  3. says

    I like to order poached eggs when we’re out because I know they won’t be cooked in a puddle of oil. At home its fried eggs every morning, and today a pre-cooked, peeled egg for an afternoon snack.

  4. Bea says

    You are being facetious, but this really could be for my husband!!!
    At Pizza Hut, the expired food :-), he would never poach.
    Actually maybe he would?
    Fun post.

  5. says

    I recently saw that egg consumption as well as nut consumption was on the rise. Yay that these two wonderfully nutritious foods are back on peoples’s plates. Down with nutrition nonsense and up with tasty healthy eating!

  6. says

    Chocolate eggs – what!!!!!

    OK, I just heard that info on eggs a couple weeks ago – I was throwing out good eggs!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  7. says

    Hope you and the Tornado are having fun, and he is missing you yet doing quite well on his own. Temporarily, of course.

  8. says

    Aw, I hope you guys are having a blast! Eggs are the BOMB – also thank you for that “best by/sell by/best before” explanation. I’ve been worried about buying eggs in bulk because I’m not quite sure when they go bad! We eat a LOT of eggs around here.

  9. says

    I hope your husband survives and doesn’t have any expired food experiences!!!
    And, chocolate eggs – good thing I have a grocery trip coming up – I think we need to check those out!