I’m doing Back to School BOOT CAMP.

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Summertime fun.

Around here it is a sad day.

It’s back to school day.

Back to school and It’s THIRD GRADE! day (I cannot believe it. It feels like yesterday she ambled off to the Garten of the Kinder!).

This summer rocked and yet since big people types don’t get summers off it also went too quickly.

It FELT like not enough spontaneous fun and too much structured-play (aka camp).

It SEEMED as though we never really got a chance to unwind and chill.

FELT and SEEMED until the past few days when I paused, checked out the family, and realized we’d indeed done some hardcore FROLICKING.

  • We skimped on sleep.
  • We snacked on sugars.
  • We caffeinated more than planned (the “royal” we).
  • We took for granted all the movement & motion we easily fit into longer summer days.

Around here it is a sad day.

For me because the Tornado heads back to her institution of higher learning.

For the Tornado and the Chairman because today marks the start of Back to School Boot Camp of sorts.


 This one needs PHYSICAL boot camp.



 This one needs BACK TO BASICS sleep routine boot camp.



The lady on the right needs LESS COFFEE, MORE WATER! boot camp.


 This one erroneously thinks she’s in the role of Boot Camp Trainer.


I’m over at Swerve divulging the details for my Boot Camp approach and would love *your* thoughts as well:

  • Do you veer off your healthy living path over the summer? How do YOU get back on?




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  1. says

    I think I’m MORE on my healthy living path during the summer. Probably because I don’t have kids or school for myself, and I can live a more structured routine… but soon I am heading back to school and I have to develop a new routine that I can actually stick to – one with healthy eating, despite the stress.

    • Wendi says

      School starts here too and I am terrified to try and wake up my son!
      We are off track too.

  2. says

    We are in the same boat over here. I am SAD to send them off. It went far too quickly. My biggest goal with getting back on track is getting the kids back into a normal sleep routine. Too many late nights and sleeping in over the summer was our big indulgence.

    • Olive says

      First day here as well and our sleep is far off!!!!!
      Can’t wait to hear how this goes for you, Carla.

  3. says

    Way off track here –plan to follow your lead and get back on track when my son goes back to school and I can’t use him as an excuse anymore!

  4. says

    Ah, of course -who doesn’t? It sounds like your family truly made the most of summer, so veering from the path was worth it! I think same for me; I had fun, played, relaxed, visited, and made the most of my time off, meeting goals for both work and play. Happy back to school to all!

  5. says

    way, WAAAAAY off track.
    i love routines. i also love spontoneity…spontaneity..sponteneity….MY KINGDOM FOR A DICTIONARY….being free of Spirit.

    (editor’s note: my reply started to turn into a blog post BWAAAHHAHAH. so i’ve done just that. written my own blog post…) here: http://wp.me/p3dFWa-hg

  6. says

    My oldest is starting 2nd and middle kinder so I know how you feel! We completely need a SLEEP bootcamp too, like starting now, except we’ll be away this week so it’ll have to wait. Summer leads to all kinds of crazy inconsistent schedules. I like being in a routine so I’m hoping we all adjust quickly!

  7. says

    No swerving here – same year round.. :) If I am lucky enough to go away, I plan for some extra treats but that is all…. course I don’t have kids in the house….

  8. says

    I have no children of my own to see off to school, and my dog is in her twilight years, so no bootcamp needed here…I have been MORE active this summer because it has more daylight hours and less rain. I hope Tornado loves 3rd grade!!

  9. says

    Not much getting off the path, they get sent to swim a lot in the summer. Any snacking that goes on is on their own dime, too.

    Now, as for the sleep, well, they be night owls like their daddy, and nothing is going to change that.

    • Carla says

      I so agree nothing will change that. IM TRYING to change my child into less of an owl (she was up and dressed three hours before school today!) but only since she’s wiped OUT by days end :-)

  10. says

    I’m so boring (and I don’t have little kids), so my years kind of blend together. I have to be more stringent about exercise in the summer, because, with the heat if you don’t get up and at it, well, it just doesn’t get done.

    Good luck with back to school!

  11. says

    Our summer ended a couple weeks ago and even though I didn’t truly have summer this year I was sad – I love having the boys home!
    Your back to school boot camp is a good idea – we started the food and sleep and thankfully everyone is still staying active right now – the winter is when I notice that the boys will go weeks without any real activity!!!

  12. says

    I feel like I’m in limbo – trying to hold tight to the last bit of summer because I know that we didn’t frolic enough and play enough but also trying to hold on to some semblance of routine (probably for my sake more than the kids). August is a weird transition month for me and I’m not sure I like it!

  13. says

    I love the “getting back to school” days, as I have been an educator for 39 years. Always look forward to a new school year and new students/staff.

    Our district has been back in full swing the day after the 4th (yes, of JULY!) My “kid” is on the other side of the country going to grad school. Empty house here…can’t wait for the holidays!