Exercise with your groceries…

(if you're dropping by through a reader there's a short video below:) And then eat them: 1/3 cup AllWhites®** 6ish ounces (any kind) vanilla yogurt whatever fruits are in the domicile whatever veggies you can successfully cram in and not taste (spinach?) 2 tablespoonish ground flaxseed a few ice cubes 2 tablespoonsish natural peanut butter (if you're me:) a dash of ... Continue Reading

MizFit’s AllWhites® workout (video post)

2010-05-03 08.52.15

Subtitle: I told you this post was too long! Hi Miz, I'm a newish reader and had two quick questions I was hoping you would answer: have you ever been overweight and what are some short, easy fitness tips? I want to get lean and got a little overwhelmed by all the information in Tuesday's post. Thanks. Judging by the comments/emails/tweets I received this person wasnt alone either. (perhaps ... Continue Reading

Summertime Kids-at-Home Workouts.


Subtitle: Yeah, at first I thought these people were messing with me via email as we'd just done a podcast on this very subject! Hiya Miz, I need help. You talked last week about Living Not Blogging and I was jealous. You work in your playouts :) even with your Tornado around and I've become derailed and the summer has just started. How on earth can I fit in fitness in a hectic summer ... Continue Reading