Smattering of Sunday stuff.


First & foremost a BIG thank you to everyone who has listened to my whining over the past few weeks. Ren Man is finally home and as you can see the Tornado has a fondness for pink make-up and all is right in our world. Next, I am traveling to Blissdom this week and, while […]

MizFit updates. From Oikos to SonicTap.


I cannot believe how fast time is flying. It feels like yesterday it was Memorial Day & here we are practically at July. With that in mind I wanted to stop & update you on a few things en masse and save myself having to return emails. BlogHer Conference:  Many of you have inquired about […]

A glimpse into the life of MizFit.


My Saturday. I ate: I tattooed a Toddler: I was tattooed by a Toddler: I sought professional help: I hatched an egg: I remembered how lucky I was:

Perricone MD (giveaway post).

Once upon a time, back in the dark ages when MizFit was a little girl, her sister had a birthday party. Now MizFit remembers very little about this entire event except for an exchange which occurred between her mom & one of SisterFit’s friends immediately after the gifts had been unwrapped. MamaFit: I love the […]

Happy Memorial Day…


for those of us in the USA (and seriously.  wasn’t it JUST Labor Day?! Where is the time going?). As a result I’m pushing the Toddler off on the Ren Man and relaxing and there’s no post today. If you want a MizFit-fix feel free to swing by here and check out my workout videos. […]

Link Love and a Friday FREEBIE!

Let’s start the link love with a little craziness and a little MizFit Pats Herself On Back: I HEART my morning coffee. Beyond. The Toddler Tornado awakens EARLY so I try & get up even earlier to I jolt my brain into action before the PeePeePotty-summoning commences. Id gotten to the point where I so […]