Kickball: MizFit style.

20120918 113203 225x300 Kickball: MizFit style.

I dont trust that smile!!


New school years upon us.


Our mornings? STILL CRAZY.

Still JAM-PACKED with fun.

We rise at the crack.

We’ve much PLAYout time!




20120925 102039 Kickball: MizFit style.

Hence the nickname TORNADO.


We play bus stop BADMINTON.

Shoot a marshmallow gun.

These PLAYouts are fine–

but we needed *more* fun.

Hopscotch didnt do it.

Frisbee far too tame.

Our bus stop DEMANDED

more fierce of a game!


hopscotch 240x300 Kickball: MizFit style.

‘Scotchy memories…


It hit me one morning.

Like a ball-in-the-head.

We should play the game

Which in P.E. Id DREAD!!

Kickball was perfect!

(with our own colored ball)

We’d play it like BASEBALL

Use same rules and all!


20120925 110828 Kickball: MizFit style.

We. Fancy.


That very morning

We announced to our ‘stop:



We played & we kicked.

We laughed and we ran.

We tagged & we dodged.

Smacked a poor neighbor man!!

photo 300x225 Kickball: MizFit style.

Ahhhh Texas.


My workout was DONE

By the time the bus came!

We could all barely wait

To play KICK BALL again.



DiZclaimer:  Lately Ive been all about the active play as exercise for myriad reasons.  I love how time flies.  I adore I get extra core work in because we’re laughing so hard.  If youre not me and long to know the specific benefits of playing kickball they’re improved agility, cardiovascular workout, lower body muscular exercise & STRESS RELIEF. 

More than anything, however, I urge you to be me on just this one occasion: forget the rules. forget that it’s exercise. just get out there, grab some friends and GET TO KICKING!!


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  1. Krysten says

    I love all of this! But I especially love how balance and family is also how you take care of your health! You are living a beautiful life!!

  2. Ida says

    I’d love tips on getting my boys up in the morning LOL
    When is the Tornado up?
    When do you write?

  3. says

    Oh dear Miz, your Tornado is growing up as such a happy child. She will remember this for the rest of her life. How cool her Mom is and that she learned her that part of growing up is having fun. I hope you never lose your inner child because I love her, like I love you.

  4. Jenn @ peas and crayons says

    Brillz! I remember playing in the street in front of my house as a kiddo… One of the best games of all time ;).

    My workout starts in an hour but ill wish I was playing kickball instead!!!

  5. says

    Sounds like so much fun! I need to look up how to play kick ball with the kids.

    I remember dreading dodgeball in PE but don’t remember kickball.

  6. says

    Awww I almost signed up for an adult kickball league with my bf this year until we found out his ex was going to be on the opposing team and I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to have me in an environment where it would be socially acceptable for me to throw balls at her face :)

  7. says

    LOL. When I think about kickball I think about the HOURS we spent writing an official rule book to try to limit the on-the-field squablling.

  8. addy says

    Much better than what we did as kids at the bus stop. Grump, whine, complain, throw sh*t at each other ….

  9. says

    I was recenlty reading a post on zen habits about the woes of setting goals. It’s all about appreciating where you are at. For many people waiting for the bus can be torture, I love that you’ve come up with a way to play, but mostly to just appreciate a moment that very often gets treated as a waste of time. So here is a haiku in your honor.

    Living each full day,
    Joyus kickball is the way,
    Endless time to play.


  10. says

    Our mornings are still crazy too! Go figure. I wonder if playing “chase the chickens” works like the kickball…

  11. Michele @ NYc Running Mama says

    Your bus stop sounds like it’s the coolest…love kickball but definitely brings back lots of memories of gym class!!!!

  12. says

    Where I grew up it was called soccer baseball and it was the only kind of ‘baseball’ I didn’t absolutely dread in PE. Actually, I dreaded most everything in PE class because I’m such a klutz. But I think if you brought your fancy ball and your energy to my bus stop I might have reconsidered how I felt :)

  13. says

    This is AWESOME! :D Active play = the BEST kind of exercise in my book. It’s so good and healthy to break out of the mold of believing that exercise has to be done in a gym or must equal pain in order to see gain. Love this post!!!

  14. says

    you guys are so totally awesome. I love that you get up early and get the little one up early with you to have some fun while being active every morning. More mothers need to take lessons from you in this department! Make exercise fun and they will WANT to live a healthy lifestyle.

    you rawwwwk

  15. says

    Love it! Playing is how we should be doing our physical activity. It’s more accessible when you have kids I think, because they are always wanting to play and run around with you. Makes me more excited to have children, one day! We do have adult kickball leagues though….hehehe