4 reasons I’m jealous of my dog’s Cone of Shame.


my hairy sidekick and me.

To know me is to be sick to death of pictures and stories of our Goldendoodle, Charming.

I’ve resumed my status as Carla the Crazy Canine Lady and I adore it.

He’s energetic.  He’s Doodle’y.  He’s now officially known by the nickname The Chairman (apparently Siri has no love for Charming as she insists on changing his name to The Chairman.  Nothing makes me snicker more than texting a friend: Ill be there as soon as I get The Chairman to poop.).

Recently, to The Chairman’s great dismay, he underwent the surgical procedure known as neutering.

(He insists it NOT be referred to as “fixing” since he maintains he was quite fabulous before.)

Here he is mere moments before fixing surgery.


He came through the procedure without testicles flying colors (and a weird skin infection because nothing is ever around here) and in possession of the popular, always anticipated Cone of Shame.


Having been CrAzY CaNiNe CaRlA from previous periods in my life I knew what to expect.

The Tornado, however, was saddened by her dog’s new coned condition.


She felt sorry for him.

It was only when breaking down for *her* the myriad benefits of the Cone of Shame (good GOSH parenthood consists of flying by the seat of my capri-pants) did I begin to believe it all myself!

And while we all know I. Be. Crazy. allow me to explain why.

4 reasons I’m jealous of The Chairman’s Cone of Shame.

  • He was forced to MONOtask.  I’ve recommitted—but Charming was guaranteed success as he had no choice. When he snuggled his fox (below) while wearing the C.O.S. it was all he could do.  There was no option to love the fox, while cradling a Kong and snacking on treat.  MONOtasking—forced or not–rocks.



  • He had to seek help.  He’s The Chairman.  Of course he thinks he can do everything himself.  Wearing the C.O.S. forced him to seek assistance.  Everything from scratching his back to picking up toys required aid.  He asked for what he needed (or just forced his way onto my lap.)



  • He was compelled to rest. This dog is active.  Super active.  He could over-train me in a millisecond. Although he fought valiantly against it initially–in the end he gave into the healing rest of the cone.



  • He had no choice but break habits which didn’t serve him.   Charming is  licker.  Prior to surgery it was merely annoying.  After surgery, C.O.S. in place, he physically couldn’t lick.  Now that the cone is off? He seems to have lost the urge to lick.  He shed his habit *and* it was fun in the process—at least for the child.



Now that cone-time is behind us (thank goodness.) I’d like to think we all learned something about wearing our own virtual cone of…self-care.

  • I  know I did.
  • I know the child did.
  • I know The Chairman learned how to “tell” his biped roommates he’s decided—intuitively—he’s VERY ready to resume normal, energetic activities:


 (destroyed bed.  healed doodle)

And you?

Do you require a virtual Cone of Shame or do you *already* rock the MONOtasking, rest,and intuitive exercise?


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  1. says

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this one :)
    Axl’s cone is so torn apart WITH ducktape on the side… but I may just need to sport it for a few days.

  2. says

    #3 reminded me of a time a few years ago when I was going through some scary medical tests, but actually relished the forced down time in the closed MRI machine. I need to find a less drastic way to force myself to relax!

  3. says

    i’m good at resting excercise-wise (well i’ve gotten really good) but not so much resting in regular life, as well. still working on that!

  4. says

    This post is genius. I was so surprised. (And I am hardly ever surprised). Love how you turned your dog’s cone of shame into a metaphor for mindfulness. LOVE IT!

  5. Healthy mama says

    We are having our girl spayed soon and I’ve dreaded it.
    Thank you for this post!

  6. says

    I love this post! I’m always interested in seeing things from the perspective of an animal. I’m good at monotasking but horrible at resting. Thanks for the reminder to reevaluate Cone of Shame!

  7. says

    Well I don’t really strive to mono task, and my rest time is on my schedule like my busy time is. But having a cone to help break a habit? This would rock. Is there one to prevent the third cup of coffee, the extra 50 bucks I spend at the grocery because I shop hungry, or the surfing gossip websites?

  8. says

    Learning on the exercise, a portion of each day is spent resting with my crossword puzzle, and as for monotasking, as long as the washer is going at the same time, doing some of the work for me, it works.

  9. says

    Wow, there are just GOOD life lessons everywhere. Fun post. And I ain’t NEVER gonna be sick of doodley pics! :)

  10. says

    I am a huuuuge fan of mono tasking! and asking for help! and the Chairman!!

    I just realized though, the one area where I do not so much enjoy the mono tasking is with exercise. I was just thinking – I LOVE running/walking in the woods listening to my favorite music. So I get my cardio, my nature fix AND my nostalgia fix all in one (triple tasking?). OR I use the elliptical while watching junky tv on the iPad. I think the only times I’m exercise-mono-tasking is when I’m swimming (ha) which is probably why I find it so meditative.

    • says


      I do most of my exercise in a mono-tasking format. It’s my hour to center myself and find my center.

      When I’m walking in the woods, it’s with 2 dogs – hardly centering- definitely multi-tasking (keeping track of 2 dogs and 2 balls and who else is in the park… and not tripping or stepping in a hole…) And it’s not very relaxing…

      I’ve given myself up to mainly monotasking…

  11. says

    OMG Carla! My baby is schedule for the same thing NEXT WEEK! This made me laugh too, but I am holding on to every lesson here! LOL!

  12. says

    I could be projecting, but whenever we put the cone of shame on Paco (for licking), he seems to get depressed and just wants to crawl on my lap and sleep. And then I don’t make him wear it…but I wonder if a week in the COS would break him of that ridiculous licking? Might have to try it!

  13. cheryl says

    One thing and one day at a time…with feet up when I can. Don’t need a cone, unless it’s an orange one to tell me “slow down” or “caution”. (Why is it called the cone of shame? what is shameful about it?)

  14. says

    Lately I’ve been in a super multi-tasking frenzy but yesterday I decided it was time to put an end to that nonsense (maybe I put on the C.O.S.) and today has been a much nicer day!!!
    The Chairman is awesome – sometimes Siri actually comes up with something good!

  15. says

    Awww he is gorgeous! Good reminder though regarding self care…not only about self care, but how to do it (I swear sometimes we forget how to look after ourselves when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle).

  16. says

    Did you keep the cone? You could easily fit it around your neck, then smather icing on the inside for immediate access to tasty treats. It’s all about the reuse & recycle concept.

  17. says

    Love this – can I get my own cone of shame? Visiting from SITS – glad I found your blog! Have a great weekend!