I’m your Venus.


I lament how EARLY my child gets up, yet I can’t say I don’t love our extra time together.

We play kickballWe hula-hoop.  We color.  We chat.

Lately she’s taken to asking what I have planned for my day.

What will you work on, Mama, when I’m at school?

Quite frankly, even as I detail specifics of writing I plan to do and calls I have,  I’ve always assumed she’s not listening.

Until she started “following up” with me at pick up.

How was your call with Roni, Mama?  Did you get writing work finished?

The above only served to reenforce a notion I already lived:

No matter what work I take on it must be work I’m proud of.

No matter the brand partnership it has to be one which I could look my child in the eye, explain and feel good about doing.

(video credit: The 8 year old)

Reason #1 why I turn down most brand alliances.

From diet pills to foods *Id* never eat so why ask you to try!? stuff.

The other morning my daughter presented me with the drawing above.

It’s you and Venus Williams, Mama. I told my class you were helping her now.

Again I was surprised (eight never appears to listen) and AGAIN I was thankful (this is a partnership I’m proud of).


Part of my new adventure is helping Venus organize her team.

Team EleVen by Venus.

I’ve worked with Venus for a while already and more than anything Ive noticed her focus on these ideas:

Do Your Best.
Don’t Try to Be Perfect.
Embrace Positive Change.

Venus is all about the what you can when you can.

She’s for being the best *you* that you can be—-and that’s an EleVen.

The fact her apparel ROCKS, WICKS, FITS GREAT and is SUPER-COMFY is merely the icing on the gluten free protein cake.

And you?



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  1. says

    What a great moment(s) when you realize your daughter is paying attention!! I’m intrigued to learn more about EleVen…

  2. says

    This sounds like an AWESOME collaboration! I think it’s so important to remember that people are watching and listening even when we don’t think they are. Living and breathing our beliefs daily is so very important not only in blogging but daily life.

    I can’t wait to hear more about this partnership and research her products!

  3. says

    The collaboration sounds amazing! I love it when the boys ask about my day or follow up on something. It doesn’t happen everyday, but they are paying more attention :)

  4. says

    I love that the Tornado is listening and soaking up everything you say. Your Venus alliance sounds very promising!

  5. says

    Yes, I TOTALLY have that earworm now. In retribution, I’m heading to New York tomorrow, which always puts the Green Acres theme song in my head. “The stores! The chores! Fresh air! Times Square!” You can have that one.

    You’re welcome.

    But more importantly, this venture with Venus seems like a real win/win combination, one you both can feel proud of! Congratulations!

  6. Runner Girl says

    I had no idea she had an apparel line and I love it isn’t just tennis!

  7. says

    I have always admired Venus for her independence, talent, and her style. Now I’m loving her clothing as well as her message. I’m proud to be an Eleven and I look forward to being a part of the team.

    Your experience with your daughter demonstrates how important it is to remember that our children really do pay attention to what we say and do, so we’d better say and do things that we want them to know.

  8. RIta says

    I didn’t know she made any clothing that wasn’t for tennis.
    EleVen stuff looks great.
    I also like Venus focuses on progress over perfection.


  9. says

    I LOVE that you’re part of this :-)

    Goddess on the mountain top!

    I’m your Venus…
    I’m your fi-ya
    at your des-i-ya

    My nearly daily walks to the beach-for-a-picture are my #wycwyc

  10. Vonnie says

    I would have thought Venus was perfection focused.
    I’m really working on #wycwyc to fight my perfection tendencies.
    I love her apparel, but will they ship to Canada??

  11. says

    LOVE how Tornado embraces your partnerships & work – really says something for you & all the involvement you have with her!!! LOVE

    Super proud to help you represent too! Thank you!

  12. says

    I AM SO PUMPED AND THRILLED to be apart of this program because I live, breath and eat healthy living! I appreciate you reaching out to me Carla about it!!!! :) A video could definitely be in the works in the near future! Email me, lets talk!

  13. Jessica @EatSleepBe says

    What an incredibly terrific partnership that you have created. And how sweet it is, not only that she is listening, but that she is PROUD.

  14. says

    Your daughter is so darling! I love seeing all your IG pics of her and the cute things she does. What a wonderful partnership for you! I feel the same when we (my dh and I) partnered with Go RVing earlier this year. They simply promote the RV lifestyle…slowing down, creating memories, having adventures, etc. What they “sell” (which technically is nothing) is what we do. The fit is so perfect for us I almost didn’t believe it when they contacted me. Our next project with them for this summer is off the charts cool (at least I think so others might think we are nuts!) can’t wait to share it! Thanks for stopping by. I’m not “out and about” much anymore with our limited internet and new baby. It was nice to see a familiar face. Xx

  15. says

    I love how the underlying message you’re passing on to her is self-respect! Such an important value to hold once the teen years hit!
    PS I love that song!

  16. says

    Well, since I actually WON an outfit from Eleven by Venus and KNOW that I love how it looks and feels, I am interested in Team Eleven! And if YOU are involved then, omg, even better!

  17. Healthy Mama says

    I learned this from you, too.
    I’m cautious what work I take on because my twins are always watching, too.

  18. says

    I totally have the ear worm! I had so much fun watching your video clips.
    And YES! I want to be part of Team EleVen…just as long as I don’t have to be good at playing tennis 😀 Should I fill out the form on the site?

  19. CarlaBeSilly says

    and I can NOT stress enough how “turn yer iphone on, get silly, and BE YOU!!” the video should be.
    no lighting.
    no make up.
    no hair-do needed :-)

    • says

      Awesome! I kind of feel like I should do it when I’ve had more than 2.5 hours of sleep though. So I will do it tomorrow.

  20. says

    Love this post! I feel like I can always trust your recommendations, because you don’t push anything you would not use in your daily life as well!

  21. says

    Yes, I got the ear worm. It’s an age thing. At the Jamba Juice event in L.A. I asked Venus about her top, as it was so cute. She is a smart woman, with a quality line of wear.

  22. says

    OH NO!!!! I am now saddled with ‘I’m your Venus” going through my mind. The Bananarama version, not the Shockin g Blue version from the ’70’s. OMG…how did I remember the Shocking Blue???????? Now that one is playing in my mind!!! ACK! :)

  23. says

    Cute clothes, but I like a longer short. Could you fix that, please? :)

    Great that you have a built-in accountability partner at home! (It IS great, isn’t it?)

  24. says

    Don’t you love it when you find out that your child really is paying attention to all those little words/conversations?! So incredible!!!
    And, that is my favorite of all your videos – loved it!!!

  25. says

    It’s amazing what our children hear when we don’t think they’re listening….

    You definitely has the Bananarama version going through my head!

    I’d love to learn more about EleVen. Venus Williams really impressed me at the Jamba Juice event I attended. She’s normal but driven.

  26. says

    I have no problem with this song being stuck in my head the rest of the day! Love this post. Little people are amazing with what they learn, soak up and say. I’m proud to be a part of this team!! Can’t wait for what’s to come with EleVen!!

  27. says

    You totally gave me an ear worm! I used to sing this song as a kid but unknowingly changed the word. Ahem, Venus sounds just like the male genitalia, does it not? I have seen your commentary about helping Venus out. Even read an article about this on another site and watched a movie. Not real sure how I missed this post?? Either way, this is seriously rad.

    You know me pretty well….well, as much as you can know me via social media. I’m all about the #wycwyc and #ijustrun. To me fitness should be about enjoyment and not putting your body through the wringer. Could I be more fit if I pushed harder, faster, and longer? Most definitely. But I wouldn’t enjoy it…..I’ve been down that road. Mind you, I’m not saying others shouldn’t push themselves. If that’s their game then go for it. Just not for me!

    Side note: I know I’m often a lurker, following you and Tornado’s adventures but I really love the relationship you have…and that you share the non-censored version with us. Not too many people would be willing to do that and it’s something I highly respect. #highfive =)