Im a crowd pleaser!

photo68 225x300 Im a crowd pleaser!

Before we get started with this mishegas, Id love to know how many of you have heard the term CROWD-PLEASER?

(glances around. takes note. pretends no one raised hand & proceeds with post)

Allow me to explain.

The husband & I were chatting recently with a friend when the subject of her daughter’s bat mitzvah came up.

We remarked how, in Austin, the celebration of this rite of passage remained pretty small & mellow.

Had they grown more ‘over the top’ in the Bay Area we asked (this movie anyone?).

Not at all our friend shared.  For example we only had one crowd-pleaser at ours!

The husband nodded.

My curiously was piqued.

What the heck was a crowd-pleaser?!

As soon as our friend looked away I googled the phrase on my smart phone Later that night, I snagged a moment for myself & searched the term.

Screen shot 2013 02 26 at 4.58.05 AM Im a crowd pleaser!


Hold up! I shouted at the husband who was happily hanging out with Blake, Adam & Anders  A CROWD PLEASER is the same as being a HYPE GUY!

(had our new friend known the vast amounts of pop-culture consumed in our household—it rivals the JERKEE—all she’d needed to have said was she’d only hired one member of Boys II Menorah)

A crowd-pleaser, essentially, got the party started.

I sat for a moment, considered the phrase & its definition, and dawned upon me.

I am a fitness crowd-pleaser.

photo66 300x300 Im a crowd pleaser!

I frequently receive the question:

I dont “get” MizFit. What are you?


photo67 300x300 Im a crowd pleaser!

  • Im a FITNESS crowd-pleaser.

I figuratively dance though your approach to healthy living, cheer you on, remind you YOUVE GOT THIS!, challenge your way of thinking, help you discover your best plan, & serve as your virtual side-kick.


229399 10151437980389466 1722834571 n1 300x300 Im a crowd pleaser!

who has 2 thumbs & wants to encourage you?

Im a fitness crowd-pleaser.

Ive had numerous conversations with fitness fanatics who long to blog but fear theyve nothing to offer because they aren’t trainers.

My new response will be to urge them to join me.

Im no longer a trainer (by choice).

I’ll never tell you to do X sets of Y reps or to do CrossFit Z time per week (I leave prescriptive posts to others).

I will dance through your world, ingite your motivation, get you on your FEET & HEALTHY LIVING then dance away once youre set.

Im a fitness crowd-pleaser.

Now you.

Are you, too, a fitness crowd-pleaser?

In what area(s) of *your* life do you figuratively yank people to their feet & empower them to get started?

Did you ADORE Boys II Menorah as I did?


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  1. says

    Yay for being a fitness crowd-pleaser. I love it. I would like to think I’m a whole-food-eating-and-like-it crowd-pleaser. :)

    I’m also an algebra and calculus crowd-pleaser to my high school students (or at least I try my hardest as they sometimes roll their eyes at me). Hey–math is fun!!! :)

    • says

      I had to comment on the math is fun – I tutor several HS algebra, calculus and chemistry students and I’m always telling them how much fun this stuff is!!! (they do the high roll, too)

  2. says

    I think I will endeavor to crowd please the children. We bought kick scooters for both of them for L’s upcoming b-day. I’ll be crowd-pleasing the outdoor activity this spring.

  3. says

    oh how i adore you and miss you even though we didn’t get to hang much. You are a BLESSING fitness crowd pleaser! One we need more of. I’d say we’re pretty lucky to have ya!

  4. says

    You are definitely my fitness crowd pleaser! I am a crowd pleaser when it comes to teaching and focusing on your goals.

  5. says

    This is why i like you and your site; and as for me, my “crowd pleasing” is what i do on another site. It’s my joy to be their virtual cheerleader.

  6. RUnner Girl says

    I am a running crowd pleaser.
    I don’t run in groups but I get them motivated.

  7. says

    Everyone needs a fitness crowd pleaser and I’m glad you are one! Why? Because you are awesome at it. :)

    I get to play the ‘yank ‘em to their feet and get moving’ person a lot at work. It’s exhausting some days but in the long run it’s worth it to see someone change their lifestyle and get moving!

  8. says

    Uh oh.

    I’m not quite sure what I am. I don’t do much prescriptive posts either and I have no training in exercise/fitness.

    I move because I have to in order to stay sane and functional and because it’s a prerequisite for living a life that is worth living.

    The pleaser term bothers me a bit. You have your own style of doing stuff to which I’m drawn to.

  9. Miz says

    GREAT POINT and one, were it not a slang term, would have bugged me too.
    Im sure it’s also I watch too much television and I have in my head the VISUAL of the BOYS II MENORAH dancing through the crowd, yanking everyone to her feet, getting them EXCITING and dancing away :-)

  10. Healthy Mama says

    I love that TV show too and completely grasp what you’re saying here.
    You are a fitness crowd pleaser.
    I’m a healthy EATING crowd pleaser!

  11. says

    Training for my CPT now I hope to be a crowd pleaser…a cheerleader….and not a trainer who barks orders!

  12. says

    Thank you for being my crowd pleaser.

    I think i’m just a girl who like to show that you *can* make time for fitness. Even when there is a tornado of things happening around you.

  13. says

    You are definitely a fitness crowd pleaser!!! I love reading your posts and every time I think – Oh, that’s my favorite! (until the next one!) I love this post though!!!
    I’m still trying to find out what I am – I know I love to work-out and run. I like to read about other people who are into fitness. But I don’t know my role – working on it, I guess.
    Thanks for inspiring and motivating so many of us!!!

  14. dRC_M says

    Thanks for doing what you do, Miz Fit! A crowd pleaser is exactly what I need on those days (and there have been MANY lately) where I’m lacking motivation or freaking out about stupid stuff. Then I open my email and there you are – encouraging us to have fun, challenge the way we think, and just get out there and kick some booty. Oh, and let our freak flags fly! Being healthy can be fun. You’re living proof of that. :)

  15. says

    I love cheering everyone on in their healthy journeys! You are seriously the best role model for it.

    And your talk about the Bat Mitzvah freaks me out a bit – we’re in the middle of planning our daughters – eek! 6 months away for us.

  16. says

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are that – it is so simple but so more than simple – LOVE IT!!

    I think I am in my won way – pushing people to see they can do this no matter what age & what they do. I rock the eights but they need to find what rocks them! :)

    LOVE that first outfit! ;) All of them but that is YMX!!!! :)

  17. says

    You are most certainly a fitness crowd pleaser!!! I would say in my day job as a teacher I am an education crowd pleaser with my students…encouraging them to reach beyond their comfort zone and be great! At night I do the same with my girls!! On my blog and with my friends and family I’m a running crowd pleaser….I bully…I mean encourage my friends to get their run on! Didn’t you say you wanted to run?! :-)

  18. says

    You are a fantastic fitness crowd pleaser!!! I’m a fitness crowd pleaser to an extent. I always encourage friends, co-workers, anyone really, to be active whether it’s running, walking, biking… definitely lifting. I also enjoy cheering people on with any accomplishments. I think that’s so important. And it makes me smile.

  19. says

    I am not sure what I am. I know that I do the things I like and people want to try them because I get excited about them. Biking and renovation come to mind. I do like to cheer others on, though!

  20. says

    I don’t have much to say, other than that last photo made me grin.
    You are encouraging to me because you live a real life, with your daughter and don’t just consume your life with fitness…it is a fun part of your life and it encourages me to do the same with mine.
    I’m a professional lab rat, so I’m not so much a pleaser as a general encourager-helper-trainer in all sciency-things. Being fit and healthy helps me be me and do my job better. :)

  21. says

    Everybody needs a crowd pleaser! In my opinion, it’s a harder (and more highly valued) role than just prescribing reps and sets.

    I love that you know what your gift is and now have a great name for it!

    Go, Carla, go!

  22. Izzy says

    I am with whoever said above she reads each post and thinks: this is my favorite!!!
    Until the next post.

  23. says

    I absolutely loved this post! THANK YOU for being a fitness crowd pleaser! Sometimes its exactly what I need to get my butt moving!

    I don’t know that I can call myself one yet, but I started my blog in hopes to be one! I want to be as much an inspiration to my readers as you are to yours. :-)

    Thanks for what you do!

  24. says

    You are the best fitness crowd pleaser out there but I would argue that you’re not just a fitness crowd pleaser but really a live life now crowd pleaser? It’s more than just fitness but really about a whole approach to living and self-care that you have a way of lighting a fire under my feet and that I love. I’ve been thinking about this a lot (not a trainer, no real background or certifications except love for it) and aim to be a fitness crowd pleaser.

  25. says

    I am a fitness crowd pleaser by way of fitness fashion. I love seeing a customer stand up straight and put her shoulders back with confidence when she tries on something comfortable and flattering. It puts a spring in her step! Feeling and looking good goes a long way to help stay motivated.

  26. says

    Every party needs a pooper that’s why we invited…


    Seriously, all the cheerful fitness party positions were taken, thus the blog Cranky Fitness was born.

    What was it Alice something or other (one of the Roosevelts) was supposed to have said? “If you can’t say anything nice… come sit here by me.”

    But we poopers LOVE the crowd pleasers as a party full of poopers is no fun at all. :)

  27. MizFit says

    LaughedOutLoud as Im sure someone said that quote—but I think I stole it from STEEL MAGNOLIAS!
    I trashy that way :-)

  28. Wendi says

    Oh goodness I needed this today.
    I am at a crossroads and wondering if I need more certifications etc when my career is thriving already.
    It’s ok to be a hype woman.
    Thank you, Carla

  29. says

    Not a crowd pleaser. My personality doesn’t shine bright enough for that.

    I’m the corner man. Always in someone’s corner cheering them on to do their best.

  30. says

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that!! I just loved your phrase, “I will dance through your world”. Some days my daughter does that.. she is my constant motivator and always is there to boost my self esteem.

    Thanks for being a fitness crowd pleaser. We all need people like you in our lives!

  31. says

    I love it! :) My husband is DEFINITELY a crowd pleaser. When he gets excited about something he wants to convince EVERYONE to do it. I just sort of do my thing and if people think it’s cool and want to hop on the bandwagon, I help them. I guess he’s the one that hooks them in, and I make the plans. :)

  32. says

    I don’t like to draw attnetion to myself, so I’m one of those that does my own thing but loves to watch the crowd pleasers in the room! :)

  33. cheryl says

    The only crowd I aim to please are the groups of pre-school kids who look to me everyday to help them talk, learn and make sense of the sometimes confusing world around them.

    I encourage people in person. Better results!

  34. says

    Well, yes, I do believe I am a Fitness Crowd Pleaser, now that mention it. I’ve been calling myself a Cheerleader. I have no credentials, yet…working on it, but my interest, and my blog, is more focused on motivating people to realize that they are capable of more than they might sometimes give themselves credit for, in regards to fitness, and life in general. Basically, we rock! We just need to recognize it and harness our own kick ass super powers! :)

    • MizFit says

      and Id say GET THE CERTIFICATIONS if you crave them—and know if you want to cheer, errr, dance through the crowd with me and you chooooose not to be a trainer right now that’s ok too

  35. says

    Oh Miz. I love you. The whole “I’m not really a fitness blogger” thing has been a thorn in a my side for awhile. I tried different things to fit that mold but you know what? I don’t fit it to molds…I never have and never will. I threw up my hands, said, “This is what I have to offer” and that was that. Having fun is my fitness. Why must everything be so serious?

  36. says

    You are my fitness crowd leader!i love all of your posts. we definitely needs more crowd pleasers like you!I read your fitness and weight loss posts again and again. you motivate me.
    than you very much.

  37. says

    I am very much a fitness crowd-pleaser and probably super annoying, lol. I love running and will motivate whoever I can to start running.

  38. Natalia :) says

    I love to cheer people on in their business endeavors. Friends and family that have chosen to step off the beaten path and find their passion. I love to cheer for them and encourage them.

    I think that encouragement in the form of blogs and comments can do wonders. I remember when I had my blog this was a wonderfully supportive community. I believe that having someone, you, cheer me on, online, was a huge support.

    I <3 you for that! You are one of the most supportive, non-judgmental people around. You understand there is more than one way to get the job done. :) You encourage individuality. Love that!!!

  39. says

    Haha love that idea of a fitness crowd-pleaser. Looks like you found a new way to describe what you do! This is one of the reasons I love CrossFit- the owner of my box (and the other instructors) are crowd pleasers when it comes to pushing people to finish the WOD. It always really helps me, especially when I’ve been the last one to finish a few times and someones right there telling me “alright give me 10 right now, you got it, go!” The motivation really helps!

  40. says

    I think I am a fitness crowd please for my family! I encourage them to get out and exercise with me and to eat a healthy diet. I hope my blog also reflects that. I think that I inspire others to cook and eat healthy delicious food.

  41. says

    I love this too. I especially love the fact that you don’t have to be a trainer to be a fitness blogger. I am total freaked out about investing in a website because I worry I don’t have anything to offer without have the creds. Thanks for the motivation and being my crowd-pleaser!

  42. sillysally says

    Why be a cheerleader when others can cheer for you.

    I’d rather be on the other side.

  43. cordonblue says

    say a prayer for the pretender…

    you are as delusional as my neighbor. you probably know each other…

  44. says

    You are this but also so much more! I like to help people make their lives better… Not sure what I am yet

  45. says

    You know how to motivate people, everybody found some reasons for avoid any kind of fitness but with people like you they will lose any chance to avoid.

  46. says

    I personally leave the crowd pleasing to fantastic and lively folks, such as yourself. Thanks for doing the job, someone has to do it, crowds need to be pleased worldwide, And I must say, you are filling those shoes in a Sporty way. Well Done..

    AZ Fitness Please