Is OLD talk the new FAT talk?

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Once upon a time there lived a Misfit and her Mini-Me. Our Misfit was all about taking up space in the world, being big, strong and HEARD. Her Mini-Me, while only 8.75 years old, appeared to follow suit. She, too, loved being brazen strong. She knew she was her own superhero: She loved the SIZE & *BULK* of her burgeoning muscles and would display them without being ... Continue Reading

Progress – not perfectionIST (guest post).

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Carla recently sent out a guest post request for the topic 'Progress, not perfection.' I jumped at the opportunity to guest post for her for a couple reasons. One, because I love reading words from this wise mizfit, and it's an honor to contribute to her blog. Two, because it has been somewhat of a mantra for me. Perfectionism is a personal struggle. A struggle I've become better ... Continue Reading

How letting go of dieting is crucial to self-love (guest post).

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Hello! My name is Kammie and I am the blogger behind Sensual Appeal - where everything is delicious, mindful, and happy. I'm honored to have the opportunity to share my story today with you. Big shot out to Carla - you're awesome! Today, I wanted to share my story from last year that had the biggest impact on my life thus far. It created a huge shift in my perspective and outlook on ... Continue Reading

Unapologetically Myself (musings on self-confidence).

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Because I like to surround myself with the young-folk I have number of friends who turn forty this year. (it blows my mind I had this blog when I turned forty.  please to take said disbelief as foreshadowing of shifts to MizFitCome.) Because Im a semi-INTROVERT who shuns the small talk-- we've had myriad conversations about aging, changing life perspective & goals we have for time that's ... Continue Reading

4 tips for teaching little (& big) people body confidence.


The older I become the more I realize life is cyclical. When I was younger I EXPECTED my body to perform on command---and usually it did. These days when my bod complies I stop, take note and appreciate. I *long* to pass this body confidence on to the Tornado and yet---while it's a huge priority---I pretty much fly by the seat pants fancy tights. I strive each day to beat back ... Continue Reading

Words That Heal: Unearthing the Life You Deserve (guest post).

Infectious Smile McGee

Im a tremendous fan of Mara's. She's wise beyond her years.  She lives her life OUT LOUD and entirely authentically.  She's one of those rare women you meet OFFLINE and discover she's even more amazing in person.  This post is at my demand by request.  I think we all need more Medicinal Marzipan in our lives. And yeah. By that I do mean READ HER BOOK.     At one point in my ... Continue Reading

Four tips for flying your freak flag.


Hi Carla, I was going to post this as a comment, but it seemed too embarrassing (I guess I'm not flying my freak flag yet) to be over 40 and still looking for approval/wanting to please others. "Love this message, but somewhat stuck on the implementation. How do I quit looking for external validation when it's a 40+ year habit?" Anyway, maybe others have the same question and maybe you have ... Continue Reading

We’ve gots new FREAK FLAGS (Mad Pax giveaway)

My 42nd birthday present.

  We like Shrek the movie(s). We LOVE Shrek the Musical. It’s cute, filled with catchy tunes & it’s a show all of us adore which isnt always the case. The Tornado & I, however, share the same favorite song. The first time we saw the musical she immediately leaped to her feet & sang & danced & shrieked with wild abandon. And it freaked me out a bit ... Continue Reading

Where blog posts wither & die (part two).**


Yesterday I brought the Tornado to see Shrek the Musical. Again. (she requested the harry potter specs. she knows not who h.p. is.) You cant see but Im wearing these shoes. again. So glad I listened to all of you (especially Charlotte) and didnt return them. I love. I feel fancy. I look on the outside like the amazon I feel like on the inside. but I digress... We drove to Dallas (for ... Continue Reading

Hula Hooping and Self-Love


(That's not me hooping in the pic above. This is a guest post. Sorry for confusion.) I picked up my first hula hoop in March of 2008. It was a kid’s hoop, pink and filled with water. I picked it up, and it fell to the floor, again and again and again. I wasn’t really used to being bad at things. That day I practiced until my sides felt bruised, perplexed by how difficult it was - ... Continue Reading